NYSC relationship
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My NYSC relationship experience

I obeyed the clarion call as a youth to serve my dear nation, Nigeria; little did I know I was also walking into one of my most memorable adventures that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I read a friend’s story on this blog, so I decided to share my NYSC relationship experience with GLOWVILLE.

It was a huge shock to me, after fighting frantically through the mammoth crowd at the Student’s affairs board, to see that I was posted to Nassarawa State. I felt like running away to never return. The north was the region I dreaded most, and I did all I could to avoid going there. But in the end, it was just waiting for me.

I angrily called the person that had been helping me ensure I get a good posting and all he had to say was “bros, na central be dat, Nassarawa no be north”.  I almost committed murder after that statement, but my friends encouraged me to go ahead. I resolved to go to camp and do all I can to get deployed to another state.

Three days after camp resumed I met Jane, and every thing changed for me.

I woke up late that fateful morning, and had to rush to join others on the field for the morning session with the soldiers. On getting to the field, the soldier assigned to my platoon asked me and five others to go on our knees; apparently, we had not be running as expected. We all went down in fear except Jane. She remained standing, and politely asked the soldier why she should kneel down when she was just joining the others. The soldier was taken aback by the challenge and started screaming ‘Kneel down!”

Jane reluctantly knelt down when it was becoming a scene. The soldier was not finished; in a bid to show his superiority, he asked us to go round the field on our knees. We were allowed to rise only after completing a revolution. I was nauseated by the act, but I dared not incur the wrath of the angry soldier, so I followed the others who had already started. Jane came just behind me.

“I don’t want to show myself o, if not I would have shown this soldier who I am today” Jane commented loudly after we had gone some distance away from the soldier.

“What would you have done?” I asked, curiosity was getting the better of me, and I had begun to imagine different stuff in my head.

“I would have called my dad. He is a General in the Army.” she announced.  I was shell shocked. “He is in town at the moment, just 25 minutes drive from here” She added.

I didn’t know what to say, I just sighed and kept on crawling. The pain I was feeling on my knees was enough to remind me I don’t have an Army General as a father, and so I’m not covered by immunity.


Jane was incredibly strong. While the rest of us were crawling slowly to ease the pain on our knees, Jane kept a steady pace and completed her revolution long before we did. When I asked her how she did it, she simply said ‘No be today. My father is a General, remember?”
I grew a fondness for Jane immediately and just wanted to know this lady that dared defy a soldier, but still won’t show her ‘seeming’ superiority. We became friends and she just made me fall in love with Nassarawa. Boko Haram didn’t matter anymore, I had found someone who was bigger than my fear for the north.

Quite luckily, we both got posted to the capital. We were far from each other in terms of placements, but we visited each other often. We were known in all the capital as a couple (even when we weren’t dating). She usually accompanied me to my Local Government for clearance and I did same. Sometimes, she would attend CDS with me, and when I had the opportunity, I did same. Even at our PPAs, we were known as couples and it was just a matter of time before we made things official. I didn’t even have to completely ask before she said yes. lol.

She was such a joy to be with, always having something to say and she knew how to carry others along. I learnt something new at every visit to her place with each moment I spent with her making me more convinced that I had found the right one. it didn’t matter that she was from the Nupe tribe and I was Yoruba, we clicked like we were born on the same day.

By the end of my service year, we didn’t have argue about where our love would take us, we already knew were coming home…together.

That was how I went to Nassarawa, conquered my fear, and found love.


– Sunkami. T


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  1. This is something i really wish would happen to me as i will hit the camp soon…
    Thank you very much for sharing this story my dear.

    You’re the best

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