My BF lacked respect for me

My BF lacked respect for me, I had to break his heart

It is possible that the first question that comes to your mind is why I used the words ‘break his heart’. I was hoping to pull a shock you the same way I shocked him. I don’t have long story like previous contributors under this column. I will just go straight to the point. lol. My BF lacked respect for me, and I simply broke his heart to pieces before he finished breaking mine.

I am Jessica (Yes! I am bold enough to say my real name) and I dated one ‘bagga‘ very recently. The relationship lasted just seven months, but it was very eventful for me. I fell for Jim (I am good enough to cover his shame by not using his real name) because of his voice. He was the best male vocalist in my music group and we just clicked. We enjoyed singing and visiting places together. But that was us at our best. You need to see us at our worst.

Jim had this feeling that he was the best at everything. I call it unnecessary pride. He always believed that anyone and everyone is lucky to have met him, they are luckier to be friends with him, and always considered me luckiest for being his ‘bae’ (take note – bae means before anyone else).

That was all it meant, I rank before anyone else in his list of playthings. He never found it hard to use trashy words on me when his friends are around. He formed the habit of ordering me around, and trying to make me feel like I was some cheap whore whenever his friends are around.

I liked him, so I just kept on with the relationship, hoping my patience would pay off and he would get back to his senses. But it appeared that the more I stayed, the more Jim believed I was cheaper, and less valuable. I overheard him bragging to his friend one time that he has my ‘mumu’ button and that I can never leave him.

My BF lacked respect for me

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So I did what was needed. I taught myself how to fall out of love with him, and I dumped him like trash when he least expected it.

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He is still asking me to come back, but I have learnt my lessons and will never play with my self-respect anymore.

Good riddance.

I hope my story was not long. Lol.


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