20 Most Expensive Wristwatches In The World

Over time people with good fashion sense and taste consider wrist watch as important as any other important fashion accessories. There’s a popular saying “Time is money” but here I will prove to you that “Money is time” giving you details on the names and prices of top 20 most expensive wristwatches cutting across different designers.

Below is our list of 20 most expensive wristwatches in the world, ranked from the lowest price to the most expensive.

In quick definition – a watch is a small timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person. It is designed to keep working despite the motions caused by the person’s activities. A wristwatch is designed to be worn on a wrist, attached by a watch strap or other type of bracelet also wristwatches are regarded as fashion accessories worn round the wrist to in a way enhance ones fashion style.

So which watches made the top 20 most expensive wristwatches in the world?


  1. Chopard ($508,000)

    choppard | 20 Most expensive wristwatches

Chopard has a square pave-set diamonds dial and frame inside a case, it is made up of brilliant, square and long rectangular cut diamonds clasp. Chopard has manufactured only two Secret watches so far. Keep calm we are still on number 20 most expensive wrist watches keep scrolling to be amazed how much fortune is spent on wrist watches.


  1. De Grisogono-Meccanico DG S25D ($590,000)

De Grisogono | 20 Most Expensive Wristwatches

This beautiful masterpiece is designed by Grisogono founded in Geneva in 1993 by Fawaz Gruosi, de Grisogono. This Meccanico DG costs a whopping $590,000. It has 20 units. It was designed in three variants: with a long rectangular shape diamonds, white pave diamonds and black pave diamonds. It is made of 18 karats gold and has 126 long rectangular shape cut white diamonds. It displays two time zones and has analog and digital displays and a power reserve indicator. It is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. This watch presents a sturdy, 56×48mm titanium case with black dial and a natural black rubber strap equipped with a de Grisogono polished titanium butterfly folding buckle.


  1. Vacheron Constantine Malts Tourbillon ($700,000)

vacheron vacheron-2

This one is from Vacheron Constantine’s high jewelry collection, the Malte Tourbillon Regulator has 263 long rectangular shape cut diamonds in the dial. The case has 274 long rectangular cut diamonds. It has a graceful black leather strap. The company was established in 1755, it is one of the world’s oldest watchmakers. Today it is part of the Richemont group.


  1. Omega Constellation Baguette ($708,742)


This beautiful watch is one of its kind a masterpiece. The price of this expensive watch is $708,742. It shines with 459 Top Wesselton diamonds and has 30 karats. There are 146 trapeze and long rectangular cut diamonds on the dial. The case is made of 18 Karat white gold and the case is completely covered with diamonds. Omega is owned by Swatch Group.


  1. Breguet- Classique 5349 Grande Complication ($755,000)


Classique 5349 Grande Complication has twin rotating tourbillons in a platinum case lined with a long rectangular cut diamonds. The dial is paved with more diamonds. It contains more than 570 parts and has three patents to protect its “superior precision and technological mastery”, according to Breguet the company today is owned by Swatch.

  1. Audemars Piguet-Jules Audemars Grande Complication ($780,600)


This watch has a titanium case and features a perpetual calendar indicating the hours, minutes, day, date, week, moon phases, month and leap years. There is also a minute repeater and chronograph. It has a crocodile leather strap.


  1. Blancpain 1735, Grande Complication ($800,000)


Grande Complication is from Blancpain and has a case made of platinum. It strap is made of crocodile skin. It has a complicated machinery and has 740 handmade components and pieces.


  1. Louis Moinet Magistralis ($860,000)

Louis Moinet

This unique Louis Moinet watch has a 2000 years old piece of lunar meteorite. This watch is made of 18 Karats gold and has a minute repeater, perpetual calendar and a push-button chronograph.


  1. Jacob & Co. Crystal Tourbillon ($900,000)

Jacob and co jacob-and-co-2

From Jacob & CO’s limited crystal Tourbillon edition.  Its case is made in 18 Karat white gold and is decorated with diamonds. It has a 2.22 Karat long rectangular cut diamonds buckle. Initially only 18 pieces were made.

  1. Hublot Black Caviar Bang ($1 Million)

Hublot hublot-2

The case, dial and clasp of this masterpiece Hublot Caviar Bang are stuffed with long rectangular cut black diamonds. The watch has a white gold case 18 Karats. It shines with beautiful cut black or white 34.5 Karat diamonds. The case and the bezel have 322 and 179 diamonds respectively. There are 30 on the clasp too. The one million dollar watch has only one visible feature, which is the black and deep tones of the diamonds. It has an adjustable leather belt. This watch’s limited edition had only one piece.


  1. Ulysses Nardin-Royal Blue Tourbillon ($1.1 Million)

Ulysses ulysses-2

This expensive watch from Ulysses Nardin is made in platinum. The company was established in 1846. The watch is decorated with 568 long rectangular cut top wesselton diamonds that is 33.8 Karats and 234 long rectangular cut royal blue sapphires are of 16.79 Karats. It has a limited edition of 30 pieces. The watch is also available with leather belt.


  1. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon ($1.3 Million)

Patek Phillipe

This Patek Philippe watch has a movement made up of 686 parts, some of which are very small i.e. microscopically small. This unique watch has two faces. The back of the watch has sidereal time and a sky chart that traces the stars and the phase and the orbit of the Moon. It features mechanical movement that must be manually wound, a minute repeater with tourbillon escapement, leap phase and perpetual calendar. It has a platinum case.


  1. Parmigiani Fleurier Fibonacci Pocket watch ($2.4 Million)

Parmigianni parmigianni-2

This beautiful pocket watch is from Parmigiani Fleurier. The company was established in 1975 in Fleurier, Switzerland. It is made entirely in Palladium and has a minute repeater with cathedral chimes and a perpetual calendar. The case is extremely attractive, decorated with enamel work. It has the image of a lotus flower.


  1. Franck Muller-Aeternitas Mega 4 ($2.7 Million)

Franck Muller

This amazing watch is from Franck Muller. This company was established in 1992 in Genthod, Switzerland. The watch has 36 complications, the most of any watch in the world. It contains a 999 years calendar and has a chronograph. It has a three day power reserve for the movement and 24-hour reserve for the chime. It has indicators for 3 time zones. The watch is only available for sale in Geneva and New York.


  1. Cartier-Secret watch with Phoenix decor ($2,755, 000)


This amazing wrist watch is of the shape of a Phoenix is made rhodium, plated with white gold. The eyes of the Phoenix are made of emeralds and 3.53 Karat diamonds. To top it off, it’s covered with 3,010 brilliant-cut diamonds that are 80.13 Karats. Cartier is owned by Richemont. This watch sure will take your heart away with its elegant and beautiful look.


  1. Patek Philippe’s Platinum World time ($4 million)

Patek Platinum

This watch is from the makers of Patek Philippe. This watch displays 24-hour time zones in different countries. It is easy to use and distinguishable between day and night in these different zones.


  1. Louis Moinet-Meteoris ($4,599, 487)

louis moinet meterors

This tourbillon watch presents a meteorite from the planet Mars. It has hand-engraved dial. In this watch 2000 year old material are used which are moon meteorite and hence got its name. The outside case is made of 18 Karat gold.


  1. Patek Philippe’s Super complication ($24 million)

Patek super complications

This watch had a price of $11 million in 1999. It was manufactured for Henry Graves. It’s made of 18 Karat of gold and has 24 complications.

  1. 201- Carat Chopard ($25 million)

201 carat choppard

The beautiful watch is sitting amongst the most expensive stones. It is surrounded by three red (15 Karats), blue (12 Karats) and silver (11 Karats) coloured heart shaped diamonds. The white diamonds are arranged to form a flower. They have a yellow diamond as their center. It has 874 diamonds and weighs 201 Karats.


  1. Jaeger-Lecoultre-Joaillerie 101 Manchette (Priceless till date)

jaeger jaeger-2

This masterpiece, glamorous and beautiful watch is made of a million dollar and is priced as priceless till date. This watch is from Jaeger- Lecoultre. The watch shines with 576 diamonds and a sapphire dial. It is like a bracelet. The square units of the watch are made of 18 Karat white gold.


If you ever get so rich will you buy any of these?


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