Men are not babies

Men are not babies!

Our Social Feature this week takes a visit to the wall of Social Analyst and Lawyer, Enwongo Cleopas, and her message is that Men are not babies! Enjoy this one.

This talk will be land me in small trouble but I did not come to earth to play it safe so let’s go there.

I am so tired of hearing this phrase, “Men are Babies“. I don’t know who started it or who coined it but in my opinion, it’s something we need to look into seriously.

Women especially make this up as an excuse to pamper grown adults and excuse indolent behaviours. We keep fueling and petting certain things we should not condone in the name of “he is a baby”. Because you call me “baby” does not mean I am a baby. Kimon!

You can’t keep using the above phrase to avoid demanding accountability from a person who is your partner or spouse.

A man is throwing tantrums and acting borderline insecure, the next thing is “don’t you know men are babies”? A man is all manipulative and controlling and the next thing is “but you should know that men are like babies”. Say wha’?

Hol’up people. I don’t know about y’all but I ain’t being with no baby. If anyone is the baby, that should be. You feel me?

When you keep whipping up excuses to avoid confronting salient issues in your relationship, don’t expect anything more in future. Confrontations are not fights. As adults that the both of you are, you should be able to have honest conversations about what you don’t like and can’t condone. There are no two ways about this.

My man is not my first son. Biko. He is my man. If I want a baby, we are sliding in the DM and making one. He is not my big baby anything. Just go abeg. He is my strong man.😒

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I wish I can convey my heart on this matter but I am laughing so hard that I can’t even say what I really want to say.
Okay. Let me sober up a bit.

3. 2. 1…

Men are not babies.

If he is a baby, he has no right being with a woman. He is still covered under the Child’s Right Act.
N.B. I’m not saying you can’t call him baby or akamu. I love endearment and pet names a lot but you can’t use this “baby” thing to excuse irrational behaviour and all that thing that makes you unhappy deep inside. Don’t give him juvenile passes. Please don’t.

He is not a grown baby. He is a man capable of discerning wrong and right. Even babies know when they’ve done something bad. Your man is capable of differentiating a fire from an orange pant. He knows it.

We keep pandering to these things and we keep getting hurt because we are the same people making up excuses. Men are not babies. My God! Allow him grow up and take responsibilities for things and his actions.

– As written by Enwongo Cleopas

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