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Meet the dating coach who charges $3,500 per client

How much will you will be willing to part with to have someone teach you how to ask a girl out? Whatever price you have in your head is nothing compared to what this dating coach is charging his clients. A whooping $3,500 – calculate it in Naira – now, that’s some serious business!

I’m beginning to think of launching a career as a dating coach.

Chris Manak, 35, from Melbourne, assists pilots, businessmen, actors, doctors, and even models aged anywhere between 19 and 65 on how to flirt with women ‘at any time.’ And guess what? He says his clients often get emotional when thanking him for his services. He must be badass!

‘There is a perception you have to be a bit of a lovable loser to do this course, but most of the guys I coach are boss guys going really well,’ Mr Manak told Daily Mail Australia.

How does he even do it?

The Manic Workshop course begins with the dating coach taking each client out for a consultation. He also catches up with each client weekly over coffee.  As the course is of a practical nature, clients then go and try to approach women.

‘They’ll probably approach five girls in each day session,’ Mr Manak said. ‘Then there is a night session, where we go out to a bar for four hours and approach and talk to a lot of people.’ Mr Manak said the group refrains from acting like ‘bar vultures,’ and members chat with each other while also approaching women.

As part of the course, the dating and lifestyle coach also asks each man to write a 1000 word essay on their values and often finds it brings their insecurities to the surface.  Personal experience played a big part in Mr Manak’s journey to becoming a dating coach and he claims to have approached more than 10,000 women in an 11 year period. This guys probably dates for a living.

He said he began to actively approach women when he was 24 and going through a relationship break up.

‘I didn’t feel confident in myself,’ he said. ‘So I started going out and approaching women and ended up clocking 30-something approaches a week,’ he said.

Mr Manak would head out every Friday and Saturday night and go out after work during the week when he worked in finance.

‘I didn’t do it for the girls, I did it for the growth and kept at it for years and years and years,’ he said.

While his clients learn skills to achieve dates in everyday scenarios Mr Manak said clients should not expect to ‘be cured,’ and instead focus on the long term growth.

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‘I have ongoing coaching because that’s me getting you out of the block and have to keep running,’ he said.

‘It’s unravelling all the crap that’s been jammed in your head.’

The dating coach said it can become problematic if the men jump into a relationship immediately after the course as they are ‘not in a place to dive straight in yet.’

‘Most of my guys end up in relationships, but ordinarily they will get the skills, run amok for a bit and then get the girl they want.’

Mr Manak said he has hundreds of success stories and men often get teary when thanking him for their new skills.

While he does not give away all of his secrets, the dating guru said he tells his clients to find a specific trait to compliment a woman on instead of asking her for the time or proceeding to ramble.

‘Say, “excuse me,” and give her a moment to register and look at you,’ he said.

‘Don’t use a line, instead think about specifically what it was that made you want to talk to her, for example, “I’m so curious as to where you are from?”‘

Mr Manak also said men should not aim to ‘win her over,’ as the woman standing in front of them is most likely not the person they are going to date or marry.

‘If a girl walks past you and she looks absolutely phenomenal, don’t stop and ask her the friggin’ time!’ he said.

‘Don’t go in thinking “how can I make this girl fall in love with me?” as you’ve already put her on a pedestal.’

As for red flags, the dating coach had a simple message: ‘Don’t be that creepy guy.’

‘Like when a woman is on a tram and there’s that real creepy dude who doesn’t get it and just starts talking,’ he said.

‘That guy ruins it for the rest of us.’


I think I need to consult this dating coach, I don’t know about you.

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