match up your accessories

Best ways to match up your accessories

I notice daily that people pair the wrong accessories with the wrong clothing and it really bothers me, which is why I decided to venture into writing out the best ways to match up your accessories with the right clothing.


Today, my best friend walked by me and I noticed she was wearing a fitted grey and white horizontal stripe long sleeve T-shirt. I really liked it…but she paired it with a green necklace. Um…not my favorite accessory…so I advised her to pair it with a gold necklace, which would look amazing against her skin color.

Look at your outfit. What colors are you wearing? Neutrals? Pinks? Black and green? If you are wearing neutral, or darker clothes with less color, you may want to ‘accessorize’ with something colorful.

What styles of clothing are you wearing? Is it girly? Tailored? Elegant? What your outfit looks like is important in choosing the right accessories. Choose your accessories. Choose colors and themes that go well with your outfit.

match up your accessories

Jewelry is the most basic accessory. If you’re wearing neutral, plain colors, you can do almost any color of jewelry. Choose a body part to focus on and stick with it. If you pick earrings, leave your neck bare, if you chose your neck, feel free to load it with necklaces dainty and clunky alike, but wear the tiniest, most understated earrings possible like tiny rhinestone studs or pearls. For hands, don’t do bracelets and rings at the same time. Don’t go overboard. However you can wear a few rings with each other for an interesting look.

For example:

-White: wear bright colors and since the clothing is white it wont hurt to wear chunky pieces to add contrast

-Black: same with white

-Red: silver, white, black with a bold color like red be modest with your accessories

-Blue: with blue I love to wear yellow, silver, white, and green accessories

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-Purple: I LOVE red, gold, black, silver, white, yellow and blue accessories with this color

-Green: DEFINITELY GOLD! with green there isn’t a whole lot of colors that look good with green

-Yellow: when wearing such a bright color like red its best to wear accessories on the opposite side of the color wheel like blue, purple, and black

-Pink: wear lots of gold accessories which will help balance out with the brightness of the pink

With these few tip, go on girl and have fun.

Aderibigbe Oluwaseun.



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  1. Fashion is a personal choice. You may think the colors don’t work, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no right or wrong as long as you have your opinion.

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