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4 good reasons you should consider marrying Igbo men

Sometimes last year, I saw a post on the wall of my Facebook friend, Victoria Onwuchekwa. In that post, she hyped Igbo men and wrote about different reasons why Igbo men make the best husbands. I didn’t really pay so much attention to the points she listed, but I took a mental note of them. I then went to do a personal inquest into what other tribes have to say about marrying Igbo men, and now I can make my own personal judgement from what Vicky had earlier posted about marrying an Igbo man.

They may not come across as the best of men around; many of the guys from the Eastern Nigeria come under a lot stick from other tribes, ranging from their thriftiness like the Ijebus, delayed marriage to their heavy accent when speaking (this is even one of the reasons a friend decided against marrying an Igbo man). Regardless of all the aforementioned, it has been proven that marrying Igbo men is one of the greatest choices you can make.

According to Victoria in her post, “Igbo men are the best!” – other tribes have a right to contest that assertion, but she highlighted some reasons to back her claim, and we are here to show them to you. After reading, you can tell us if you go with her, or you have some superior points to counter.

What are the things that make Igbo men the perfect husband material? Why should a lady consider marrying an Igbo man?

1. They have top-notch bedroom skills

This might come as a surprise, especially to those who have hitherto believed everything about sex should be left to people from Calabar and Akwa Ibom. That was what we thought too until we found out that it is Calabar and Akwa Ibom women who are tough in the bedroom, their men are not as strong. It is the Igbo men who are the dark horses when it comes to bedmatics. They eat well, and pay special attention to their sexual health. This explains why they are number one on the charts of Nigerian men with sexual prowess. If you doubt this assertion, try marrying an Igbo man, and see if you won’t get more than enough sexual satisfaction, so much, you might even run!

2. They know how to spoil a woman with love and goodies

Ask women married to Igbo men, they will tell you how much their men spoil them, and how far they go to make sure their wives are happy. Igbo men are one of the most romantic men in Nigeria; they have special pet names for their wives and lavish them with gifts. Igbo guys are industrious, and are usually wealthy, so there is a lot of money to spend. They do not hold back from their families, and they can sacrifice for their wives especially. An average Igbo husband would forgo his car for his wife just to see her live up to the hype of being the Lolo 1 of his kingdom. Marrying an Igbo man guarantees you all of these goodies and pampering.

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3. They make the best inlaw to their in-laws

Igbo men are ‘familycentric’ – not only do they take care of their immediate family, but they are very supportive of their extended family and that of their inlaws. They respect their inlaws and support them. If you have an igbo man as an inlaw, you will hardly have complaints. Just as much as they take care of their wives, they crespect and maintain a cordial relationship with their inlaws. Give an Igbo man a chance today.

4. Igbo men hardly marry two wives!

This is like the cream of the crop. Igbo men will not shock you by marrying a second wife. They are hardly ever polygamous in nature unlike many other tribes. No matter what, they will be with you till the end. The only deal breaker for them is cheating! Just don’t cheat, and you will enjoy marrying an Igbo man. Some of them (very few though) have been known to forgive their cheating wives, but that is not a guarantee of anything.
If you are still doubting what is so special about Igbo men, you need to see the way Igbo women complain that their men sef are not enough anymore. These days women from the middle belt have been dragging Igbo men away, especially Calabar women!

According to Vicky in her post, ‘if Calabar woman hol your Igbo boyfriend, please just forget it, lick your wounds and move on, Calabar woman grip dey very strong o!’

For her, marrying an Igbo man is non-negotiable if she gets a chance to come to the world one more time. They are second to none. The best-est!

Can you beat that?

Let’s hear from you in the comments section. Will you consider marrying Igbo men?


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