marry a man eighteen years older

Can you marry a man eighteen years older than you?

Ladies, come out here and let’s have a round table discourse. I hear women say a lot about their desire to marry men who are at least a few years older than them. For some, the reason is that they want to get married to men and not boys, and for others, it is to make it easy for respect. All in all, different things work for different ladies. We are taking this on a larger scale today; will you marry a man eighteen years older than you? Too much or too little? Let’s know what you think.

As usual, this segment of the blog is anchored by Olubunmi Mabel. Her question is quite straight to the point. – “Can you marry a man who’s eighteen years older than you? Let’s say you’re 28, and he’s 46.”. We want the ladies to answer this and give their reasons. You can subscribe to our featured responses before submitting yours in the comments section below:


Vivien Adaeze – YES!! As long as his kini can function properly. With all these chewing gum boys everywhere. I don’t mind as long as he is what I want in a man and the kini (very important) is in good health.

Babajide Aiyegbusi – Not really ideal irrespective of whether is “kini” can function properly. Vivien, you funny oh. 20 years is way too wide oh.

Solomon Buchi Bartholomew – If I were a lady, I won’t even marry a man ten years older than me. 7 at most.

Ekhaguere Debbz DebbyOsas – Who age don epp? You don’t act like a man born in the 16th century, you know how to package yourself and take good care of yourself, you are flexible, I love you, we are married already.  So long I’ve found in you a man who I can fulfil my dreams with, and like Vivien said, your whatever functions properly, Daddy. Let’s. Get. Married. Already!!! Me that know my body. I don’t want someone that in less than five years, I’ll be looking like his mother. He already has one.

Mabel Agbenyo – Yes I can #straightface# is he nice? Does he treat me well? Gives me rest of mind? Encourage me and not a cheat? Hell yes I will marry him!

Ibitayo Fiyinfoluwa – Yes i can so long is my soul mate

Jennifer Sylvia Nyamson – Ni bo? That’s about my Daddy na!

Mayokun Obafemi – Answering on behalf of the ladies, once the comfort is there, wetin dem dey find again. Trust me, its a yes yes yes. lolzzz.

Aboh Blessing – 18 years Older? Well, as long as he’s still Strong and Reliable and doesn’t look old… Yep.

Maureen Alikor Berry – Personally, I don’t think I can but that doesn’t cancel the chances of me marrying someone I am older than. And that also doesn’t make it a bad thing. People have choices to make.

Roseline Udoh – I have always liked my men older but then, i prefer a 10year age difference if i can help it. But then again, it depends on the man in question. I have seen men in their fifties that look like they are in their early forties or late thirties because of the healthy life style they live. If it is such a man then yes, i would marry him. But if is one that manifestly looks his age, hmmmm… E go hard o… Lol. He has to have some other outstanding quality that would make me look past his age.

Ijituyi Oreoluwa – As long as we compatible and quite understanding, loving ,caring and romantic, forget the rest…age is just a number o.

Tosin Ayo – 18years? Why not If he is an Adams Oshiomhole. Call me Lara better life, the first lady already.

Adebisi Tokunbo Clegg – Shade Okoya and her husband “38years” difference. And they’ve been married for 17years now.

Akinsanmi Atinuke Olapoju – Why not, in as much the most important factors of marriage are present. Consider Abraham and Sarah, most people of old had age differences wider than this and most lived a fulfilled life than most of our marriages today. Age is not a barrier.

Titilope Teetee Orola – I cannot, will not and never ever will. I grew up with this age difference palava amongst my parents and my dear, you won’t even want to venture into it. You people saying ‘I can’, Nagode o but as for me and my generations to come NEVER.

Amb Adedoyin Abolade – I can, if he’s rich!

Olubunmi Mabel – If it was two years ago, I would have said NO. But now, I’d say, yes, considering some factors;
-If he doesn’t look his age. There are people like that o. I’ve seen a 35year old guy looking like 26, and some people in their thirties looking fifty.
-If he has the following qualities: spiritual, intelligent, romantic, thoughtful, mature, a good communicator, a good reader, and has a good sense of humour.
-If he doesn’t act his age or thinks I should worship him because he’s many years ahead of me. If he’s playful and act my age, be my friend, what else do I want?
Biko, marry me! Hehehe. Happiness is all that matters.

Aboh Blessing – Had a friend who’s about 10 years Older than me, we engaged in a light argument like that and the next thing he flared up and said “I’m not your Mate”. Mehn friendship ended that very day and it Kinda discouraged me on this age matter sef. I don’t want my supposed hubby to tell me “I’m not your Mate” in the heat of an argument. Geez, I kent deal.

Naya Ononiwu – Yes I can as long as the man sees me more as his friend and doesn’t rub the age difference on my face then no big deal.

Oluwatosin Olacluster Olasupo – If I tell you the number of years my fiance comot from my age, you will say I belong to the old school class, yet he is romantic like ‘mi o ri iru e ri’ Age is just a number jwor! Am enjoying my love life mehhhhn!

Adefunke Oderemi Ajibulu I can o! Inheritance things niyen! Na me go bury am#runsaway


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Now to you, what is your take? Can you marry a man eighteen years older than you? Can you allow your sister? Let us know.


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  1. abaleke chinenye

    They are the ones that are more matured in marriage, 2 tell u d truth, marrying a younger boy of 32_35 in marriage they will. Frustrate ur life unless if trully is God that gave u ur own husband, there is nothing der as for me, all that matters is for God 2 give us our own husband dat will be der for us

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