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Stop falling for sweet words from married men! – Tosin Ayo

So, my sojourn takes me yet again to the word bank – Tosin Ayo‘s timeline, and this time, he is bringing down the veil from the eyes of many women across the nation and the world at large. In this epiphany, he discusses the regular line used by many married men to get women laid. It would seem in this era of change, we are getting rid of corruption in marriage, and this post does good justice to the cause.

Enjoy the interesting piece below:

‘My wife is a cold fish. Frigid. Foulsome. Flaccid. Flabby. Shabby. Unexciting and an irritating nag. I hate her. Some men are just unlucky. Why didn’t I meet a diva like you early enough? I don’t know how I ended up with such a brute. Uncouth, boring, classless, unsupportable, bland and senseless. I can’t even call her wife, she is the mother of my children. A burdensome stranger to say the least. We are drifting apart. Our marriage is a walking corpse already, I just need formal divorce and your acceptance to cement its burial’

These are some of the annoying lines churned out by some irresponsible, poorly behaved, horny married men to strange women in order to get into their panties. They don’t need another woman, they need an easy lay. You will pity them and be their shield of comfort on the altar of compromise. If you hear the unprintable words spoken by some men about their wives to their new catch in order to curry her sympathy, you will shudder and be dazed. Whilst some will never speak ill of their wives or get angry and even walk away If a mistress ever dares talk about their wife, some others find it trendy to lambaste their wives, paint her in a worse shade in order to attract sexual favours.

Listen up woman!

So a man says he no longer loves his wife and you decided to wipe his tears and sow your love in his infertile life? Are you an emotional handkerchief? Trying to wipe a brother’s crocodile tears? What does that make you? Women are the problems of other women! If only women will leave the smitten men who already belong to other women the hell alone and men just stay committed to their choices, this world will be a better place!

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Scream! Shout! Call him a Thief! Invite your neighbours after him or flee. Chase him back into the hollowed conclave and blissful bosom of his wife If you know what is good for you. So, na you be Remilekun Animashaun? Tears wiper and generous donor right? You want to become a 2nd wife or what? If he fell out of love with his first, how sure are you he won’t fall out of love with you? Ex is only 2letters short of Next! If he could say such hurtful words about his wife of 15years, how much more will he say about you he met in less than 3months to a new catch of few days?

Don’t you think? If a man is incapable of loving his wife who toiled with him through thick and thin when he had nothing, the mother of all his children? How can he love you indispensably an ordinary side chic? Are you a learner? Think! The cudgel with which we beat the first wife is only cooling off in the roof top of remembrance for the second wife! It will soon be your turn! The man who stones his own child can kill another’s child! If he did it to her, he will do it to you! It is only a matter of time! Give the time some time… Don’t let anyone use you to stabilize his home, you are more than that!

-Tosin Ayo (The word bank.)


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