who cheats more

Married Men or Women: who cheats more?

Cheating has become a recurrent issue in today’s relationship and a lot of people are still scratching their heads for solutions to the canker-worm eating deep into many relationships. Even marriages are not left out, as stats have shown that 52% of cheating cases have involved one or two married people. This has left me worried for the future of many relationships I see today. Does it mean that after the lovey-dovey, there is still a high tendency to cheat when you are married?

What most people however do best is to engage in the ‘blame-game’. But before we begin passing the ball around, let’s find out who’s more susceptible to cheating.

According to a friend “Married men mostly cheat with single ladies, but married women rarely cheat with single men. So, it’s right to say that men cheat more than women,”

Do you agree with this postulation?

who cheats more

We have some responses from Vox-pop session

Oluwapelumi Awotedu says Married men cheat more and single ladies cheat more too.

Olusola Fapohunda says for a man to cheat it takes another woman right? so lets do the math. 10 men will need how many women to cheat with ? at least 10…..so both sexes as long as they are uncultured and lack self control, are cheaters.

Ifeoluwa Egbetade says Hmm, that’s a fallacy as we’ve got to remember that the people these men cheat with are ‘women’. So whether single or married, a cheat is a cheat!

Ajiboye Kolade says In referring to married men and single folks; married men cheat more than married women. I think that’s the drift here. And following that logic, single women cheat more than single men.

Timothy Ayodele says We really can’t say who cheats more as it’s a very relative stuff… Women now compete with men on a lot of things including cheating


Tayo Ojo says The question is it right to say men cheat more than women? I don’t agree with that based on the premise made. Cheating is cheating. Whether with married or singles. What we should talk about is the cause, factors and what encourages this affairs.

The foundation of good marriage hangs on good character, compatibity and self-control.
You feel hungry all the time, but do you eat anything you come by? No. Same is with sex I believe. I don’t criticize anyone, rather I suggest we find solutions not criticize one sex over the other. We need a way forward.

Unfaithfulness creates all sorts, disrupting societal balance and peace. Examples are unwanted pregnancies, hence more kids with terrible family experiences. God help us all.


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I think it’s time you also share your opinion on this matter in the comments section below.


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