MAN OVERBOARD | A Movie You Should See

Man Overboard (2013)

Cast: Richard Bruce, Funmi Amokeodo, Ife Alonge and Barine Gbosi.

Director: Austin Awulonu


Richard Bruce stars in this Christian movie as the renowned modern day pastor who happened to have derailed from his initial commitment to God. His misdeeds were in no way tamed by his seemingly weak wife who couldn’t do more than marvel at her husband’s ‘insanity. The family was however brought back to reality when tragedy struck!


Austin Awulonu brings an extremely engaging and totally different display of a christian movie to the big screen. This movie features lots of new faces in the movie industry. Almost all characters in the movie were said to have been ‘first timers’ in front of the cameras and this made their exquisite interpretation of their roles very astonishing and almost unbelievable.

The sight of the pastor’s wife coming out to slap a member of the church immediately after service right from the beginning of the movie will immediately grip everyone and keep us wondering why a pastor’s wife will publicly embarrass both herself and her husband in the very church they are pastoring.

The infidelity of the pastor went overboard several times especially times when he actually left his wife in the car at night and stayed inside the church office supposedly counselling a young lady for over 2hours and at night! As if that wasn’t enough, one of his mistresses boldly and gallantly walked into their house with her son, to announce to the entire family that their father was the father of her son!

One wonders at the attitude of the pastor’s wife though because for a very long time, she kept her calm and quiet over her husbands ‘rudeness’. Is this a trait of a good wife or did this contribute to the family finally sinking? All through the movie, the pain, trauma and hurt caused by the father’s attitude is reflected in the entire family and one cannot but wonder at how a single man’s crime can ruin the lives of others. The children were not left out, both trying to seek solace in whatever else they could find.

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Some of the most captivating features of this movie are its strong and very rich lines as well as the very relatable nature of the story. Its real, it’s original. It’s an exact depiction of the happenings in ‘Christiandom’ today.

Despite its little shortcomings, Man Overboard is a must watch for everyone when it is finally released. It’s freshness, originality and intense story as well as plot development is definitely worth a few hours of your time.
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