MAN OVERBOARD: A Clarion Call To All Ladies

The direct satisfaction you get from seeing a movie comes from the impact it has had on you within the space of a few hours. Some lessons learnt from seeing a movie stick with us forever, and some just seem to change the total direction of our lives, such is the potential situation you should watch out for as you make an attempt to watch the movie “Man Overboard”

The actors and actresses who put themselves in the honourable job of bringing lasting lessons to your screens are also not left out of the awesome experience of going home with a renewed experience. Ms Oluwafunmilayo Tejuola Amokeodo, the lead actress of this movie shares her experience in an exclusive interview with glowville.

Man Overboard, directed by Austin Awulonu tells the story of a modern day pastor who derailed from his initial commitment to God. His misdeeds were in no way tamed by his seemingly weak wife who couldn’t do more than marvel at her husband’s insanity. The family was however brought back to reality when tragedy

Funmi Amokeodo played the role of this pastor’s wife, and in this interview she bares it all about her acting life, her experiences on the set of ‘Man Overboard’ and also the lessons every FEMALE (wives and potential wives) should learn from the movie.

Acting Background:
It wasn’t her first time acting, but it was her first time on a movie set. Her first acting experience was far back in 1993 when she acted on stage with a popular drama group (Hello 45) in Obafemi Awolowo University. She was (and still an alumnus) of Evangelical Christian Union (ECU).

Acting was a talent rather than an ambition for her, so it made her reconnection with acting and transition to film from stage a seamless one. Her experience on the movie set made her realize a lot of what goes on behind the scenes and also made her appreciate all the hardwork that goes into making a movie.

Character in the Movie:
The core lesson of this movie is FIDELITY, and it’s an issue across board. Beyond infidelity, the movie also projects the role of a woman in helping a man be the best he can be; which is the major reason why every female MUST see this movie.

When the woman fails, the family may face a crisis as seen in the movie. The character of FRANCES, played by Funmi Amokeodo was one which failed to take action at first, and by the time she decided to take action, it was already too late.

She was taken over by a wrong notion of ‘Being Submissive To Her Husband’. Despite the fact that FRANCES was very supportive of her husband and his ministerial works, she wrongly encouraged him when he was going wrong instead of correcting him. This has become a common mistake among women of today and they have to stand up to the consciousness.

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A woman has POWER, and she should use it in supporting her husband. A strong woman should use her powers to keep her home. Wisdom is the principal thing for a woman in her matrimony. Taking for example, the scene where the pastor
left his wife in the car at night and stayed inside the church office supposedly counselling a young lady for over 2hours, you would expect an average woman to take action, but I leave you to see the movie and find out what FRANCES did instead.

The character of FRANCES, played by Funmi Amokeodo also vividly gives an expose on the issue of TRUST in matrimony. She had premonitions about her husband waywardness, but resigned herself to hope. She practiced endurance but it was without purpose, and she ended up hurting herself.

A lot of people believe patience means waiting. But this movie clearly reveals that Patience is the action you take while waiting. Sadly the character of FRANCES took no action.

An even costlier mistake made by FRANCES in the movie is the psychological neglect of her children which led them into grave danger. Despite the fact that she loved them, she wasn’t there for them when they really needed a motherly presence, rather she was preoccupied with the worries of her husband; a worry she took no action against and couldn’t find a solution to. In her bid to save her husband, she found herself losing him and losing her children at the same time.

Funmi Amokeodo

Funmi Amokeodo

The role of a woman in a family is more than just being the bearer of children, and this is why ‘Man Overboard’ is compulsory for every lady; married, about to marry, and hoping to marry someday.

The movie talks about christians and their calling which they should fulfill, and also about family and responsibilities in marriage. It is not just for christians, it cuts across all religion because the lessons inherent is useful to everyone.

Here is THE LINK to the making and trailer of the movie, and keep a date with it when it is finally released.

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