Man Offers GF up for sale to to fund iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 is one coveted piece of kit – but would you sell your girlfriend to buy one?

This man in Shanghai offered to rent out his other half, reportedly to generate the cash to buy Apple’s latest gadget.

He advertised the ‘girlfriend share’ on a placard near the campus at Songjiang University, with deals available by the hour, day or month.

However he did stipulate that no “funny business” would be allowed, with interested parties limited to eating and studying with her as well as enjoying ‘three-person dates’.

“Sharing girlfriend for pocket money. 10RMB (£1) per hour, 50RMB (£5) per day, 500RMB (£50) a month,” his sign, which went viral on China’s Weibo social media network, read.

“If you are interested, connect to personal hotspot ‘wifi sharing master’ to check her out.”


His profile of the foreign language student provided her name – Xiao Ai.

He will have plenty of time to generate the necessary funds as the iPhone 6 may not be coming out in China before next year.

The handset, on sale in most territories around the world from today, has still not been approved by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology despite being signed up for three of the country’s biggest networks.

The most populated nation on Earth – with 1.3 billion people – is key for Apple, which designed a special version of the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen to cater for the large characters of the Chinese language.

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