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This is how to run a low-budget relationship; money is not everything!

We often hear cliches such as “Money makes the world go round”, but many also forget that Jenifer Lopez did the song “Love don’t cost a thing”. Let’s face the fact; money is not everything in this life. You need some more important things like love, care, trust, and faithfulness to run a successful relationship. Money is secondary, and it’s possible to have a happy relationship without having to splash the cash. You can run a low-budget relationship.

Guys, this is for you. Just like Arsene Wenger, you can make your bae feel special among her peers by doing the basic things, and not necessarily by buying her all the glamour and glitz that others are accustomed to. What’s important to a woman is happiness, no be so? A low-budget relationship is very possible jare, especially in this recession.

Running a low-budget relationship doesn’t mean you are broke, it only means you are just prioritizing what’s important and being economical with the way you handle money; thereby saving the money for rainy days.

Here are a few ways you can start practicing low-budget relationship and still be happy in your relationship. At the end of this article, you will see that money is not the most important thing in a relationship.

Take regular long walks.

There’s nothing more romantic than walking the streets, hand in hand with the one you love. Couple goals, if you ask me. Instead of jumping into the car and burning fuel all the time, take time to exercise your feet. It gives you room to see places and things together; you also bond better in the process. Aren’t you saving money like that? Low-budget relationship is bae jor.

Stop going to the cinema, find cheaper alternatives!

Truth be told, Cinema is overrated! C’mon, after paying through your nose for two tickets, you still have to buy popcorn and drink! That’s waste of money na! Let’s do a quick calculation; you buy two tickets for N4k, and buy Pop corn and drinks for another N2k. Hmmm…N6k just to see a movie! Then to make matters worse, the movie no come make sense! N6k wasted!! Can you see how you are wasting money?

Why not try cheaper alternatives like downloading the movie, buying Alaba CD for N150, or getting the movie from a friend via a flash drive. Invite bae over, buy fuel in the gen and turn it on, lock the doors, switch off the lights, put on your DVD, buy drinks and cookies or shortbread (yummy), cuddle with bae and watch the movie.

Oya tell me, which one is better? Stop wasting money maifren!

Eat home made food instead of going to eateries.

How else can I say this? Home made is just healthier, richer, and tastes better! And guess what? It is cheaper, and lasts longer! An average meal in an eatery on the mainland is between N1200 and N1500 per plate. That is if you are modest. On the island, it can range between N1500 and N2000; if you are also modest. Two plates, N4k. Give me that money and let me make correct ofe nsala, or ofe oha for you. Eat and be merry, and you will still have change in your pocket. Are you still thinking a low-budget relationship is not good?

On her birthday, play special games with her.

Birthdays are one of the most important celebrations women look forward to. You can make your woman feel special on her birthday without having to spend over the odds. You can buy Ludo or any board game, cook correct meal for her, and play with her. Remember that you have to let her win o. It’s her day, she should made to feel special. Do pillow fights, let her win that one too. And if you guys are having sex, give her one of the most mind blowing sex she’s ever had. I know many women will not agree with this one, but it’s for your good. lol.

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Leave the boutiques out of your relationship, go to Jankara Market instead.

Trust me, you don’t need to go to boutiques to get the best of clothes for yourself and your woman. Markets like Jankara, Aswani and Katangwa will give you the same quality at cheaper prices! And just in case you haven’t realized, your favourite boutiques also go there. Stop paying ‘mugu‘ money, be smart. Run a low-budget relationship today.

Go back in time to romantic letter writing.

You can call it being old fashioned, but you’ll agree with me that relationships were more romantic in the days of letter writing. The anticipation, and excitement of opening and reading a letter from your boo is matchless. These days of constant texting has become too stereotyped. You can alternate things. This month, and probably for the next three months, don’t subscribe for data. Switch to letter writing; you will thank me.

Stop wasting money on human hair, learn how to be handy.

Some people are carrying hair extensions worth a house and two cars on their head! You don’t want to be part of that group. Stop murdering money, and spend in the right place. I would have asked that you encourage her to go natural, but that is even expensive. So here’s what you’ll do to save money – learn how to plait, and become her special hairdresser. She will look so African, natural, and beautiful…and you won’t have to spend money. In order to reciprocate, she can also learn barbing from a lady like Kehinde, and become your barber. Romantic! Don’t tell me you are still hating on low-budget relationship?

Take Uber, scratch that, take Danfo and be merry!

Uber is the new craze, I know, but it can be crazy expensive too. You don’t need to spend all the money when you can spend cheaper and bond better by taking Danfo together, and even lapping each other. Imagine that feeling when you carry the love of your life on your laps in a public bus. Couple goals!  You also pay for only one seat, how about that for a low-budget relationship? Don’t even do your face like that, it’s such a wonderful feeling. Try it sometime.

After practicing all of these, do you think your relationship will crumble? I think not. You will rather appreciate each other more and enjoy all those special times together, with a lot of memories to relish. Now you can see, money is not everything!


Ladies, you don’t have to come for my head, this article is just a humorous attempt to tell you that some things are possible in a low-budget relationship, without having to spend over the odds. I know some ladies will say this is for broke guys, but wait fess, let me ask you – do you have money?

You can answer me in the comments section.




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