true love story without fairy tale ending
A Walk to Remember is a good example of a love story without fairy tale ending.

SAMANTHA & JOHN: A True Love Story Without Fairy Tale Ending

The Love Story this week features a tale of two lovers who loved each other too much but couldn’t be with each other, yet their love remained so strong, it inspired them to grow and achieve great things. This is the true to life story of Samantha and John; a classic love story without fairy tale ending. Culled from, for your reading pleasure.

It was spring of 2001 and John was visiting his family. He met Samantha alias Sam at the Starbucks and exchanged greetings over a meeting arranged by common friends. Only within a few hours of meeting and conversing, John could picture the rest of his life with Sam.

Lacking the guts to express his true feelings, John exchanged his email ID with Sam and thereafter, they went their own ways. They lived in two different parts of the world. They started chatting not realizing where they were headed to. A headstrong yet compassionate John, awakened by the intensity of his feelings for Sam, expressed them to her. Sam liked him, too, but wasn’t sure if it was love.

Complementing her carelessness, the traditions of society separated them and Sam got hitched. John, on the other hand, decided to move on in his life, with his dreams clearly shattered.

As destiny would have it, Sam, not long after her wedding, started thinking about him. Trying very hard to play her role as a loyal wife, Sam would always distract her mind and named her feelings as meaningless. They would now chat barely once in 6 months. But with their feelings intact, they pretended to be just friends.

This friendship would later change into being each other’s intimate confidants. All this while, Sam kept praying for him to leave her thoughts. Alas! It didn’t happen. John understood they can no longer be together, but like John was stuck in Sam’s most intimate of thoughts, even Sam refused to go away from his heart and mind. His life had come to a standstill.

One fine day, John left without a word and blocked all their means of communication. Within minutes, Sam’s small world had fallen apart. It was finally time for Sam to face her demons. All these years she had found solace in talking to him. She would talk her heart only to John while never failing to perform her marital duties on the side.

With his love etched in her heart forever, she decided to focus on her career and prove her mettle.

What kept them Going?

2 years passed swiftly and their dreams were still limited to a rendezvous. While Sam made several advances in her career, John decided to get married. But, she would continue to cloud his thoughts every day. One day, a message found its way to Sam’s chat window and she knew exactly where it came from.

There was an outburst of emotions. He came back to apologize for leaving unannounced thinking that this may set him free. While this could prove to be the unlikeliest of conditions, the power of love made them fall for each other. And who can blame them? They knew their stars could never be favorable. Yet they wondered what was between them that refused to go away.

They had found a unique form of happiness in the worst of times.It couldn’t be worse or better at the same time.

This one time, however, they happened to be in the same city, both traveling for their work. Knowing very well how their intense feelings for each other could play out in this society, they decided not to meet and bid farewell. In order to be dutiful and morally correct, they shut the doors on each other; which would take another 10 years to open again.

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Destiny of their Love Story

Little did they know that there was a lot more to their destiny? Sam was at an award function in London 3 years hence in the year 2013. By now, she had accepted the harsh reality that she could never forget him and also that they could never be together. There were beautiful memories to cherish forever and she was content living on them.

A little while after stepping into the hall, she saw a glimpse of a man and her heart trembled. She was shivering and bent forward to confirm the man was no one else but John. John was now the CEO of the world’s leading IT Company. She got up to leave the hall, but a voice from inside stopped her. Something told her that their time had finally come and she couldn’t run away from it again.  As the announcer said the words, “Samantha George”, John’s heart skipped a beat. John finally mustered the courage to look back and there they were- finally seeing each other after 13 years.

It was 13 years ago; they had met for the first and the only time. They fell for each other but kept struggling with their hearts, only to prevent their feelings from exposing each other. And, of course, to prevent their families from getting hurt in the process. However, their passion had something else in store for them. It made them work harder each passing day and grow up to become greatly recognized individuals in the society.

Final Words:

This story is not heard often and is hard to be believed. Nevertheless, the characters lived every bit of this story in the real life. Only, their names are changed to protect their identities. It is a story of the individuals who were separated by time and distance yet their love blossomed forever. It was the power of their true love that they rose to such a high stature in the society and never stopped loving each other. Their emotions were so powerful that they dreamed all these years and set goals for them.

They pictured what their lives would be together but had to endure the test of time. Their sincerity and commitment made them excellent performers and they never failed each other. It was their never-ending love for each other that makes them what they are today. Finally, love in its purest form made them find the real power of this emotion.

What you should learn from this story is that true love does keep on tugging onto you forever. It helps you grow and transcends into something that stays for a life time. Not all love stories end the way we expect them to go, you can also find a love story without fairy tale ending like this.

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