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SPECIAL: The love story of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri.

I was seeking inspiration for a Glowville Special Love Story for this month, so I went to Quora to find inspiration. While looking at something totally unrelated, I stumbled upon a thread that asked the question – what’s the most beautiful love story you’ve read/heard –  Tada! That was my serendipity. I dug deep and brought out the beautiful story of popular Bollywood Actor, Shah Rukh Khan, known around here for his role in the movie, ‘My Name is Khan’.  Turns out the actor has a very interesting story you probably have not read before. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the love story of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, his wife.

The story was originally shared by Mehek Bassi on Quora, and according to her, she celebrates Shah Rukh as a husband and as a father. In her words, “he has been a really great man, and I respect him from the bottom of my heart for that. If there’s been any man who has been loyal to his wife despite the choice of his career (given that almost every Bollywood actor has either divorced his wife after gaining stardom or started an affair with someone), it’s him!”

Here it goes the love story of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan; how they met, and their challenges till they got married:

Born in Delhi into a Muslim household, Shah Rukh Khan’s father Meer Taj Mohammad Khan was an activist in Peshawar before India’s independence, while Gauri Khan was the daughter of colonel Ramesh Chandra Chibber. Hurdle number 1 – Inter-Religion alliance!

SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) met Gauri in 1984, when he was 19 and Gauri was just 14. Yes. She was that young! He asked her out to dance in a party of some mutual friend, and Gauri rejected his offer saying that she’s here with her boyfriend. It just broke his heart, but later he found out that the guy Gauri was referring to was actually her elder brother who was also present in that party. SRK said to her ‘Consider me your brother too!’ and that pissed her off. Then, afraid and uncomfortable, SRK went on to ask the mighty brother if he could dance with his sister, the brother agreed, but on one condition, that there will always be a six-foot distance between the both. So they danced while Gauri’s brother was standing just next to SRK watching him like his next prey. This picture is of that party I guess –

After that party, they exchanged phone numbers. It was the time when mobile phones were not introduced and landline phones were all people got. SRK used to call Gauri and if her brother would pick up, sometimes, he would speak in a chirpy voice ‘acting’ to be a girl asking for Gauri, and sometimes he would just hang up the call in fear of being beaten up by the elder brother!

Gauri and SRK started dating, she fell for his wit, confidence and style, and she would often bunk her school to meet him. No, SRK was not popular/famous/rich at that time. Hurdle number 2 – Financial difference!

In 1988, 4 years after meeting Gauri, SRK got his break on TV in a serial named ‘Dil Dariya’ and in 1989 he got his breakthrough from serial ‘Fauji’ which went on to become a really successful on-air show of that time.

Gauri Khan, in an interview with Simi Grewal, talks about how he is always making people around him laugh with his witty comments and jokes. Shah Rukh also went on to say that he makes funny Qawwalis out of classic hindi songs in order to entertain Gauri.

Soon SRK became overly possessive for Gauri. She wasn’t allowed to keep her hair open, let alone talk to any other male-friend. He didn’t even allow her to wear white-tops as he thought they are ‘see-through’. Sick and tired of the relationship, she celebrated her birthday at his place, and left for Mumbai the very next morning with her girl-friends. She was studying in Lady Sri Ram College at that time, and it was a college-trip.

Heartbroken and sad Shah Rukh, decided to follow her – clueless regarding her whereabouts, he just asked a friend to join him. His mother lend him Rs 10′000 and he reached Mumbai. Big city. Little time. For a few days he kept on searching for her but couldn’t find her anywhere, and out of chance his friend suggested him to visit bandstand one evening, as Bandstand was one of the most popular tourist spots.

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Just a day before leaving Mumbai, SRK gave a shot to his friend’s advice and went to Bandstand. Call it luck or coincidence, he saw Gauri with her friends, enjoying the sunset and the sea. She was not at all happy at seeing her possessive boyfriend there!

SRK tried to apologize for his suffocating behavior and to woo her, he randomly said that one day he will buy her ‘that’ house. (He pointed at a bungalow owned by a Parsi, which stood tall at Bandstand, facing Arabian Sea). Thinking of it to be another sugar-coated promise, Gauri ignored it, and they patched up! FYI – This all happened before he got a break into movies!


The next hurdle in the love story of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri was marriage. Gauri had turned 20–21 and SRK was 25. They decided to marry each other and the biggest challenge was to make Gauri’s family agree for it. They devised a plan and Gauri introduced Shah Rukh at her home as a ‘hindu’. She told her family that he had converted and changed his religion, but no, they weren’t fools! Her father caught her lie in a jiffy and the problem increased.

SRK and Gauri’s brother were good friends by now, so Gauri’s brother was the neutral one when it came to their marriage. With great difficulty and lot of will power and dedication, SRK and Gauri both somehow made her parents agree for the wedding, and the wedding was conducted as per Hindu rituals. The wedding happened on October 25, 1991.

Image result for shahrukh khan wedding pictures

The struggles did not end here. They were married, but they couldn’t afford their own home! For initial period after the wedding, SRK and Gauri stayed at Director Aziz Mirza’s house. Aziz Mirza was the director of TV serial Circus, in which SRK was playing the lead. Gauri would work and help in the household, while SRK was gone for shooting for days at stretch. Meanwhile, he got offers from movies.

They could not even go to their honeymoon as SRK was busy with his movies at that time, and he wasn’t in a position to delay or change schedules, being a new-comer in the movie-business, so he took Gauri along to Nepal while shooting for Hema Malini’s movie “Dil Aashna Hai”, and that also counted as the couple’s honeymoon!

​It was so difficult that Gauri’s mother asked her to come back and that they would take care of her. They did not want their daughter to live in someone else’s house like that. Soon SRK bought his own One-BHK flat in Mumbai, which was again nothing, but a shoe-box compared to Gauri’s house and her lifestyle in Delhi. Despite all offers from her parents and her family, she decided to stay with SRK and told her parents that they are coming to Delhi soon!

Gauri, who was living totally alone in the house, would pray that SRK would flop as a movie star so that they would shift to Delhi and he would rather act in TV serials, so that she got to stay close to her family.

In June 1992, SRK’s first movie “Deewana” was released which gave kick-start to SRK’s career as a Bollywood hero. Gauri’s prayers were not heard, of course and SRK went on to deliver hits after hits.

Soon they shifted to a bigger apartment in Bandra, where they had their first child – Aryan Khan – in 1997.

(Below is a picture of baby Aryan with his mother)

There goes the love story of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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