Love Story of Romeo and Juliet

#ClassicLoveStories: The Love Story of ROMEO and JULIET

Because we believe in love, and we want to inspire people to form strong bonds that can last for ages and inspire a lot of generations to come after, we have decided to embark on a mission that tells some of the oldest and most beautiful love stories in history that still inspire us till date. These Classic Love Stories have been passed down from one generation to another and they still remain relevant till date. Today, we are sharing the classic love story of ROMEO and JULIET. 

The Love Story of ROMEO and JULIET is probably the story of the most famous lovers ever. This couple has become a synonym for love itself.

Romeo and Juliet is a story written by William Shakespeare. Their love story has inspired millions of lovers across the globe, although tragic. Theirs is a tale of two teenagers from two feuding families who fall in love at first sight and then marry, become true lovers and then risk it all for their love.  Their “untimely deaths” ultimately unite their feuding households.

Let’s explore the story, as it happened.

The story was inspired by real events and written by Williams Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers in history. The story is set in Verona, Italy.

Romeo and Juliet meet each other and fall deeply in love. Both come from two different families, the Capulets and the Montagues, who are sworn enemies. So they decide to keep their love secret and are married by Friar Laurence, a confidant of Romeo.

One day, despite a lot of caution, Romeo gets involved in a fight with Juliet’s cousin Tybalt who he kills in a confrontation. This leads to Romeo being banished from Verona and he flees to Mantua.

With Romeo gone, Juliet’s parent’s then urge her to get married, but her heart is stuck with Romeo, so she asks Friar Laurence again for help, who decides to hatch a plan with her.

The plan is to give Juliet a sleeping potion that will fake her death by causing her to fall into deep sleep. The faked death would make Juliet and Romeo unite again far away from their feuding parents, and enjoying their love without hindrances.

Laurence explains his plan to Romeo in a letter, but the letter never reaches him. Eventually, Romeo hears about the death of Juliet, and he is distraught.

In deep pain over the alleged death of his beloved Juliet, Romeo returns to Verona and takes his own life at the open coffin of Juliet. Shortly after, Juliet wakes up from her sleep, sees what has happened and also takes her life.

The two feuding families now recognize their complicity and reconcile at the grave of their children.



Romeo Montocchio and Juliet Capelletto, are the real couple in which William Shakespeare based his play, “Romeo and Juliet,” and they were married, according to history at Citadella, Italy on March 11, 1302.

There are interesting lessons to draw from their story that could help a lot of lovers out there today in making relationship decisions. Let’s explore a few of them, as listed on LifeStyle Changers.


Think before you act – Do not make quick, foolish decisions. It may seem like the end of the world when difficulties arise, but life will always go on. This is the most recurrent lesson from the story, it reverberates in many characters. Romeo happens to be the tragic hero in this story because of his flaws which Laurence Frair summed up in his advice:

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“Wisely and slow; they stumble who run fast.”

Think of all the different plot points and characters that hammer that message home:

  • Romeo risks his life to see Juliet moments after meeting her at a party (“If they find thee they will kill thee”). Bear in mind that he was lovesick about a different girl, Rosaline, that very morning.
  • Juliet INSISTS that he agree to marry her the next morning, to prove he’s serious about her.
  • Tybalt MUST fight Romeo because he’s angry that Romeo came to his party uninvited. This results in Tybalt’s death.
  • Mercutio MUST provoke Tybalt into a brawl – at first because he thinks it’s funny and later because he’s annoyed with Romeo’s cowardice. This results in Mercutio’s death.
  • Romeo MUST avenge his best friend’s death at the hands of Tybalt, despite knowing the consequences. This results in his permanent banishment from Verona.
  • Juliet threatens to commit suicide (“I long to die”) unless Friar Lawrence has a plan to get her out of marrying Paris.
  • She only does this because her Father has given her an impossible ultimatum: marry Paris or I’ll disown you.
  • Romeo MUST kill himself because he believes Juliet is dead, without thinking to consult his only true confidante (Lawrence). This results in his death. (Source: Quora)

Communicate effectively – think about the repercussions and outcomes of miscommunication. When Laurence Friar gave Juliet the vial that contains the drug to put her in a death-like coma he did not anticipate that Romeo will not receive the letter that says Juliet is in a coma and not dead. This miscommunication eventually caused the death of several people.

Consider the needs and desires of others – There may be ill-fated consequences to holding grudges. Romeo and Juliet were caught in a crossfire of hatred. If their families had thought about the needs and desires of their children, Romeo and Juliet may have not been sacrificed in the name of love.




Verona’s medieval old town is something of a tourist attraction today, and an ideal destination for putting oneself in the situation of Romeo and Juliet. Many loving couples and tourists go there every year to walk in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet.

At Verona, tourists would see a photo of Juliet’s famous balcony, a look at Romeo’s house or spend some devotional minutes at Juliet’s grave.

The grave of Juliet, Romeo and Juliet

The grave of Juliet, Romeo and Juliet | photo credit:

No matter where you look in the entire city, you will find loving couples everywhere who stick declarations of their love and their initials on small slips of paper to the walls or immortalize themselves on the walls or stones of houses – often illegally.


Would you take your own life for your husband or wife as a sign of true love?

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  1. It’s always a sad/vexing tiny moment for me anytime I come across the story of Romeo + juliet, I always wish they cld rewind the hands of time.
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