Love Story of Banky W and Adesua

The Love Story of Banky W and Adesua; what you have not noticed!

When the news broke that Olubankole Wellington (aka Banky W) and Adesua Tolulope Oluwaseun Etomi were engaged, there was mixed feelings all across the nation and beyond. Whilst many felicitated with them and wished to have something similar to the love story of Banky W and Adesua, lots of people had their own heart shattered; especially folks who were wishing either of the lovebirds would be for them.

It was a really interesting to see as all attention went to the Instagram accounts of the lovebirds where especially where Banky had made the announcement. The entire social media went agog. Memes were created and evangelists from different parts of the social circles had something to say about the love story of Banky W and Adesua. Some of the ideas came off as sarcastic, others bordered on the ridiculous, and we had a few that were outrightly humorous. However, there was one that caught out attention at Glowville, which is really worth your time as it is laced with a lot of lessons to learn from the story of the most popular lovebirds in town right now.

Our #LoversStory piece for this week is from Kayode Koseemani Omoolorun, although slightly edited by us, you will definitely love it!


Congratulations to Olubankole Wellington and Adesua Tolulope Oluwaseun Etomi on coming out of their self-imposed relationship closet, something some of us have seen coming for over a year. I mean, you only needed to have seen the “Made for you” video, released sometime last year, to see the chemistry.

Then came lead roles for “The Wedding Party”. Chemistry was off da hook. That much interaction between both reactants abi na reagents was certain to produce emotional effervescence by which we can suspect that their time in the chemistry laboratory has not been in vain, the end product of which we have now confirmed.

Na the babes and the guys who go nearly suffer heart attack I pity the most. It’s like when Venus decides to marry Dionysus. There must be a war on Mount Olympus. Nigeria’s equivalent of that Mount being the 3rd mainland bridge in recent times, I advise the nation and Lagos State government to deploy emergency hands around the bridge and the lagoon in particular, in these trying times for many filtered slay queens and internet demons, ‘beardganged’ or ‘beardgangless’.

But no, I do not particularly intend to make a joke out of this situation, the portion of the internet occupied by Nigerians on Twitterville, Zuckerville and IG avenue is already agog with too many memes. I am looking at the whole scenario and drawing real life applicable nuggets, nuggets I’m going to share with you shortly.

I had this conversation with myself yesternight.

Let’s call it “Conversation with self: parallels from the viral love story of Banky W and Adesua”.

The terms Q, A and M guide the conversation, where ‘Q’ is for Question, ‘A’ is for Answer and ‘M’ is for Moral of the story.


Q: Who taught Banky how to slide into DM?
A: Twitter, where it is perpetuated by over 100million nobodies who have done it before him. By the way he took his sliding to Instagram.

M: Alaye double your hustle. No reasonable babe ain’t got no time for DM blues with a mofo (if you can do more than double, all the better). If you want to be taken serious, be intentionally serious about your life, your work, your craft. When such a person speaks, people naturally want to stop and listen.

Q: Is Banky the most humorous person Adesua has ever had to host in her Instagram DM?
A: Surely not. Maybe you didn’t hear VP Osinbajo when he said it at The Platform, but Nigerians are naturally comedians who are quite talented at the venture, whether professional or amateurish. Heck, people have told me to go and start a stand up comedy show. Yet, despite he himself calling them silly jokes, Banky elected to go the humour way.

M: Learning to laugh and make people laugh has many functions and perks in life, of those, one of the most advantageous is the ease of access it grants. Do not be rigid. It doesn’t pass you off as any good, many times. As for those of you who live your life ‘hi’-ing, ‘hy’-ing, ‘Xup’-ing and ‘sup’-ing ladies, there is no rhema for you people from me. Kwantinu.

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Q: How many months did Banky keep up his interest and bide his time?
A: About 18 months. He confessed that it looked to him like forever, and in social media terms, that truly is like forever, but he was willing to wait. Even in the friendzone, he waited.

M: Sometimes, life will not respond to your status. Not everyone is susceptible to stardust. Your accomplishments are what they are, and you should build them no doubt, but never assume that the victories of yesterday will automatically guarantee victory today. You must go at every task, every assignment, every goal, with renewed vigour, like it is your first. And you must stay at it, if you will get your desired result. In the interaction between the stream and the rock, the stream prevails, not by strength; but by persistence.

Q: Is Banky the first man to ever slide into Adesua’s DM?
A: No. For a lady who is that exposed both in schooling and life, there must have at least been a man on social media who must have attempted to use the DM method on her.

M: When they told you what’s yours will always come to you, they lied. What’s yours will never come to you, if you don’t make your move. If you think you can’t get it, you are right. I didn’t say it. Confucius did.

See, I could create and facilitate a training workshop on personal and corporate effectiveness lasting three intensive days on the love story of Banky W and Adesua. But nobody is offering to pay me for that at the moment, whether corporate or business organisation, or individual. So take this free advice and run with it: life is consequential. And in this consequential concatenation of choices called life, order is more vital than speed.

Make a name for yourself. Build your own empire. Do it consistently, soon, your name will cause doors to open. Know what you want, exactly what you want, then go for it. Keep at it. If it’s good, don’t expect it to be easy.

I’m out. Further services attract a consultancy fee.

Good morning world.


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  1. Hmm, short and sharp! Moral of the story…B4 u slide at all, get your shit together else u will keep sliding and getting bruised.

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