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The moments I knew I was truly in love with my boo, and it was mutual!

Love is a feeling, and it comes to everyone differently. We may not all feel the same way with those we love, but there is usually something which is common with everyone – that special moment we truly realize how much love we feel for that special person. If you are in a real relationship, you must have one or two special love moments with your boo, or your spouse.

In a piece, which was originally posted on my Facebook wall, I shared my special love moment with my woman, Damilola. She also shared hers, and it quickly led to a lot of my friends also following the trend. It was a really emotional thread, and I thought it would be best to share with my blog community.

Perhaps, after reading, you’d be inspired to share your own special love moment with boo. First, please enjoy this buffet of sweet love stories that will touch your heart, and maybe, cause you to drop a tear or two. lol.

My Love Moment:

“There was a time I was having a really low moment in my life. Work was taking the better part of my daily life, and I was quite frustrated with the way I was living.

I would leave home in the morning and not return until 8 pm or thereabouts; often too tired to cook, so I would buy junk food or eat out. It soon became more difficult for me because I was broke – I had overshot my budget for the month and didn’t even have enough raw food at home.

Usually when Dammy asks me, “how are you”, I would always reply “fine” before thinking. But on this day, I just broke down my heart to her and told her how I badly I needed help, a companion at least.

I knew there was nothing she could do about my situation from her home in Ogun State, but I hoped that speaking out would make me feel better.

She simply sympathized with me and assured me that everything will be alright.

The next day, I went to work as usual and came back home to meet my usually scattered bed well laid. I panicked that my room must have been invaded, but everything was in place. Moments later, I went to the kitchen and saw food; everywhere was filled with STEW!

My eyes were not deceiving me, I pinched myself twice to be sure. The marvelled me strutted out of the kitchen with my mouth still wide open. That was when I discovered a small note on my reading table.

It was Dammy. She had come during the day, when I was at work, to buy food; and she made enough stew to last me for a week!

As little as it might seem, it was a defining love moment for me. I knew once again, that this woman loves me!


Damilola was once asked to state one of the moments she knew I truly love her, she had this to say:

“It was match night, and Arsenal was the team playing. Olu doesn’t joke with football, and whenever I’m with him, we watch together at the viewing centre.

But that night, I was having menstrual cramps and the pain was much. I told Olu I wouldn’t be able to go with him that night. He was unhappy and immediately cancelled going to watch the match.

When I asked him why, he said “When it’s time for a match, we watch together. When you are having cramps, we are both in pains. We stay home together.”

That was a love moment for me, I felt really loved!”


Funmilayo’s Love Moment:

“I was in the university, and I had just left my husbands (then boyfriends) house. We lived like 4mins away from each other. I left his place and he went to have his bath.

Literally, a few seconds after I had gone into my house a truck crashed into our fence and his friend shouted “haaaa ile lajwoman” (his name is laja)🤣

My husband ran out with shorts and soap suds all over him all the way to my house🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
When he starts acting up, I always remember that moment and ignore his tantrums🤣🤣🤣”


Omotoyosi‘s Love Moment:

“We were at a friend’s wedding and I was heavy on my period. I excused myself to the restroom. When I got back, he started asking if I was on my period. He asked me to turn, but the asoebi was red, so nothing was showing.

He eventually showed me the chair I sat on earlier. It had a big map of blood stain. I was embarrassed and just stood confused. Before I could say a word he had gone out, bought a handkerchief, got detergent from the restroom, and wiped the chair cloth clean. Then he took me home. I was gobsmacked. Not sure I can clean someone’s blood with such straight face. That’s one of my love moments with him.”


Chidinma‘s Love Moment:

“I won’t lie, I have experienced great love. I have an ex who donated blood twice when my mum was sick. He made sure all of his friends got screened and donated blood within two months! While we were in the hospital he would bring food. My mother’s blood sisters that stay in this same Port Harcourt didn’t do such. What really got me in chills about him was how he hired a bus for our friends to attend my mum’s burial. This is a guy who’s not even rich! He is a hustler.  We may not be together anymore, but I know that he loved me a great deal. Those were my special love moments with him.”


Elizabeth‘s Love Moment:

“In this relationship, I have had countless love moments. I will share this one that happened recently which made me say a silent prayer for him, deep within.

I got a query and caution at work, the week before, on someone else mistake. My heart was heavy, and I needed to talk to someone. I called him knowing full well he was also having a hard time at work. I cried uncontrollably immediately I heard his voice, and it took me several minutes to gather myself together and tell him the actual problem. He motivated me and cheered me up.

He kept sending motivational text messages all through the day. I got home in the evening (we stay very close, so most often I go to his place after work before going home) and realized my darling boo had COOKED my favourite food (he actually hates cooking). I got a cake from my favourite baker and very warm embrace immediately I stepped into the room.

That was a love moment for me. You need to see the way I cried like a baby😂😂😂.”

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Darasayo‘s Love Moment:

“I remembered when my husband and I just began dating; I was in school, and had exams. After paying my school fees, all I had left was 5,900 naira. A very close friend came to me crying that he had not paid his school fees. I gave him 5000 naira and was left with just 900 naira.

I had to cope with that in school for another three weeks because I had exams. There was no hope that I would get money from anywhere, but I got a call from my hubby the next day, saying he was on his way to Ekiti from Lagos.

He came bearing foodstuffs that would last me a whole semester. From beverages to groceries and soaps…everything! Gosh, I cried. I knelt down and prayed to God to bless this man. That was a love moment for me.

I love it when people can feel your needs and attend to them. This man is all shades of amazing. I’m glad he’s mine.”


Adaora‘s Love Moment:

“My mum had travelled, and I was home alone that night. Around 1 am, I woke up with a sharp pain on the right side of my tummy. The pain so bad that I cried very much. Immediately called my boyfriend who was staying in Festac.

He tried his best to calm me down but that wasn’t working; I kept on screaming. He hung up the phone and immediately dressed up, and drove all the way down to Akute where I was staying, around 2 am.

When he got to my house, I couldn’t believe my eyes. We zoomed off to his hospital at Apapa, got there around 3.30/4am and I was immediately operated upon for appendicitis.

My boyfriend’s rapid response saved me from having a ruptured appendix. He took 1week off work to take care of me in the hospital until my mum came back and took over.

He’s my hubby now😁😁”


Sunkanmi‘s Love Moment:

“I have countless experiences with Cuddle Bug but these two love moments mean a lot to me.

I remember back in 2016, I was freaking broke and stranded after closing from work at 4 pm. She called to check on me around 7 pm and I was forced to tell her that I was still in the office waiting for someone that promised to help out.

She felt bad on phone and told me to come to her office and collect some money. I told her immediately I didn’t even have the fare to get to her office. She then asked me to wait and see if she can get to the ATM to send me the money.

About an hour later, she showed up in front of my office to give me some cash that would be enough for one week.

In her words, “I will rather bring the money than transferring it, considering all the Nigerian banking issues.”

I cried, planted a kiss on her forehead and knelt to say “Thank you”.

In another episode, while we were in school, and were coursemates; I was struggling in my academics and thought of quitting, but she would not stop from encouraging and fighting me to press on.

She would always wake me every midnight to read and memorize what we learnt in the lecture room. Often times, she would ask what my response to my kids would be if they came back home to quit, after all the investments in them. Her words touched me so much and I made up my mind to make her my best friend and wife, even though she didn’t know my plans for her about the future.

We graduated with good grades and come December 29th 2018, I will be taking the first step of the marital journey with her because she has been and still is my SUPPORT PILLAR during the low and high moments of my life.

She is all I want or need in a woman.”


Shake Spear shared a cute but sad Love Moment:

“During my final year exams back in the University. I was sick as a puppy. All my friends were busy with exams. We were all trying not to spill, so I could understand them for not being there for me.

I couldn’t cook or clean. I was so weak. The little energy I had, I used to study for exams.

We spoke on phone and I told him what I was passing through. Lo and behold, this man drove from Abuja all the way to Benue state. He cooked for me, cleaned my house, and took my clothes to the dry cleaners. He stocked my house with every fast food you can think of. Lol.

Lastly, he packed me a bag and we went to a hotel.

Throughout the night, he didn’t sleep. He kept a cool towel on my head because I was running crazy high temperature) and was waking me at intervals to study (the medication was making me drowsy).

In the morning, he drove me to the exam hall and didn’t leave until I finished writing.

He left his job and stayed with me for my remaining papers.  When I asked why he did that, he said ‘you needed me’. 😍😍😍😍

Sadly, he passed two months ago.”


And finally, Abimbola‘s Love Moment:

“When I was dating my wife, she was posted to OYO state, with her primary place of assignment in Ogbomoso. She would often come to my base in Sagamu every Thursday or Friday and leaves early Monday.

On a particular weekend, I told her not to come and chose to visit her instead.

I left the office on Friday on public transport. On seeing the state of the Oyo-Ogbomoso road, I travelled literally with my heart in my mouth. I realized at that point that she had to make those dangerous journeys every week, just for me; because she knew how lonely and depressed I get during weekends. That ranks top among several love moments I have had with her. She is one in a million.”



That’s a collection of our love moments, it’s time to share yours. We can’t wait to read from you.


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