Caro & I

I love girls with fine bress, should Caro be insecure?

Did you miss the first episode of Caro & I? Too bad, it was about how I met Caro. You can read it here.

If you didn’t miss it, chop knuckle. Let’s get down to today’s episode.

It is amazing but do you know even babes I banter with online casually ask me. Why Caro? And I wonder silently. “If it was you, will you tolerate my notoriety as bress ambassador?” 😂😂 It all reminds me of feminism in Nigeria. Many desire the equal opportunities but not the commensurating responsibilities.

How many ladies can stand their partner gloating over other girls with physical attributes they lack? Only yesterday I saw Caro’s bestie uploaded this tempting bressful picture. My first instinct was to serenade. This things come naturally. But I exercised reticence out of respect for Caro. On another day, I’d just do me. People like me need the kind of woman that can grasp my vision and motivation without spending four years as if on a quest to earn a degree. This explains why it was Caro.

I think the biggest working factor for us as young adults in a relationship is that I have always known what I wanted and exactly how I wanted it. Once I found something close to it, it was only a matter of treating it with value. Like something you can’t afford to lose. And doing that has nothing to do with not being myself. It is all about knowing my limitations with her and never crossing it.

In the early stages of our relationship, I was worried with her over-activeness on my timeline. At first, I was afraid she could be insecure and had been playing along just to satisfy me. We quarreled over this a couple of times. I ended my previous relationship after satisfying myself my ex can’t cope with who I am destined to become. It is akin to playing penalty to throw-in if at the end of the day, my latest slay queen is insecure.

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But one day, Caro made an explanation that melted my heart. As someone that likes to be active on Facebook, she finds my timeline and the comment thread ever interesting. She asked if her sin was just because she’s my girlfriend and so shouldn’t join in the fun? That explanation deep for my body.

Since then, we’ve been relatively cool about each other’s activities on the social media. Aside Facebook and WhatsApp, we are strangers on other platforms. A deliberate decision to preserve our individuality. I think people are overeager to lose themselves into people they love and in the process lose their essence. Sadly, it is this essence that initially drew their partners to them.


I’ll see you again on Tuesday, thanks for reading.


Ogbeni La


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