lost a good man

I almost lost a good man to my friends’ prejudice

Today’s story may not feature the kind of battle that the classical Romeo and Juliet had to face to prove their love to each other, but be rest assured that only a few lovers would have survived what the Juliet in today’s story passed through to keep her man. Coincidentally, the person we are featuring today also goes by the name Juliet, and she is telling her story about how she almost lost a good man to prejudice from friends. 

As always, there is something to learn from this one. Enjoy below:

It was my Second year, and first semester exams was approaching. My CGPA was nothing to write home about. I shrieked with fear each time I thought about the burden of expectation I had to carry from my father at home. He wanted me to graduate with nothing less than a Second Class Upper, but my CGPA was struggling in the Third Class category because I had a woeful first year. I spent more time in my first year trying to settle down to life away from my parents for the first time, instead of focusing on my studies. By the time I woke up from my slumber, I had been found wanting in many ways. I had a mission to use my second year as a rescue mission, I was determined to make the best of it and get awesome grades.

I was doing well in my courses and confident about my grades in all but one!

Chemistry was giving me a lot of problems. I never imagined it would be that hard to deal with, but there I was, needing help. I couldn’t risk anything that would stand in the way of my rescue mission, so I made inquiries about how to get legit help in the course. That was how I got to know SPECTRO. That was his nickname and the name I will use for him throughout in my story.

SPECTRO was a popular jingo in the department. He was a Chemistry WhizKid and there were many rumours about the school retaining him after the completion of his study to be a graduate assistant. I was glad that I could use the help of someone like him. I quickly approached him and laid bare my problems to him. He was kind and gentle and he told me about the tutorial classes he holds for people like me seeking to know more about the course. He told me his fees and I felt it was high so I tried to haggle a bit.  But he promised to give me a huge discount if I could bring someone who would pay to the class – I promised him Three! Lol.

I got back to my class the next day and told three of my close friends in class about SPECTRO’s tutorial classes. Luckily for me, they were very interested and ready to pay the full price! I was even happier when SPECTRO gave me free access to the tutorials because I fulfilled my promise of bringing Three people. The extra classes started and I began to gradually solve my problems with Chemistry.

There was something about the way SPECTRO taught us; he enjoyed teaching and we found it easier to understand. Within a few weeks, I had fallen in love with Chemistry. I wrote my exams with a never-felt-before verve, and as you can guess, I passed the course. I didn’t get an A because my CA was not good, but my wonderful showing in the exam made me get a strong C. This gave me the belief that if I continued with SPECTRO the following semester, I stood a chance of getting an A, and that was what I did!

By the time I was resuming the next semester, my rescue mission was well on course. Pressure had reduced greatly on me. I only needed to replicate my wonderful first semester showing to get into a strong Second Class Lower Position. It meant that I could use my third year to put my feet into Second Class Upper and give everyone a run for their money in my final year. I was happier than the previous semester, and somehow SPECTRO was involved in my happiness.

We became close, and I was able to learn a lot in Chemistry from him. My closeness with SPECTRO however did not get down well with my friends and roommates. They thought he was only going to take advantage of me, and they filled my head with so many stories of how he was notorious for charming female students in his tutorials and sleeping with them.

I heard even a ridiculous story about how he once impregnated a lady in the department and aborted it. I couldn’t ask SPECTRO about any of the allegations because we didn’t have anything with each other like my friends thought – we had a platonic relationship as at the time – but the information somehow stored in my head and had a way of creeping into my perception of him, so I was ready to just zone him and kill every feeling of wanting to be in a relationship with him. We kept on with our close friendship though.

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At long last, SPECTRO asked me out after exams – he was in his final year and thus was graduating – he told me he would have done himself the worst injustice if he did not tell me how he felt about me. I didn’t know what to say to him because I still had my friends’ story in my head, even though I had started to really like him. I had to feign surprise to SPECTRO that night, and told him I thought he had a girlfriend all along. Somehow, I found a way to defer the topic.  After then, I started avoiding him even though everything in me wanted me to be with him.

I asked a few other people in the department, especially SPECTRO’s classmates, what they thought about him and the survey left me more confused than ever. A good percentage thought he was brilliant, and that was all they wanted to say. They looked like there knew more, but weren’t willing to say. A set of ladies thought he was just magical and that they would love him to be close to them the way he was close to me. A few other people corroborated the rumours my friends had told me about him; they even had more – saying that he was a gigolo for one of our female lecturers!

At that point, I had heard enough and I couldn’t help but ask SPECTRO himself. I eventually asked him on one of our routine night walk around school. He smiled and kept a long silence. He then told me about an incidence that happened when he was in his second year.

Actually, SPECTRO had done OND and HND in a Polytechnic before coming to the University to obtain a B.Sc certificate due to employment constraints. Being a naturally gifted person, was head and above most of his classmates. He cleared all his papers in his first year and was on course to do same in the second year. At some point, he started teaching some of his seniors. He however got in a clash with a certain lecturer when he corrected the man openly in class.

The man threatened to fail SPECTRO but after much pleading, he agreed to forgive. But soon after, different rumours started going around campus about the way SPECTRO tries to sleep with different ladies, using his tutorials as a bait. Ever since, he has been painted black by certain people in the department, especially to new comers who tried to get close to him or attend his tutorials.

At that point, I understood where my friends might have sourced their prejudice from. I decided not to discuss it with them, as they already made up their mind to continue seeing him that way. I chose to change their mind through my action.

SPECTRO and I started dating after he graduated – that way, I felt it was easier to reduce any external influence on our relationship. It was a long-distance affair but it never felt that way with SPECTRO. Even when he went to serve in Abia State, we still talked everyday and he made me feel like he was always around. We pushed through till I graduated and we both decided to take it to the next level.

My friends were shocked to the bones when I told them I was going to be having my introduction ceremony with SPECTRO. That was only when I could tell them the real story behind their prejudice about him. They eventually had to agree, as I had done enough to make them realize SPECTRO was a good guy.

We got married in 2013, and we are now blessed with a beautiful daughter.

I shared my story with Olumide GlowVille in order to teach every single out there not to rely only on information sourced out of prejudice before taking a lasting decision on someone you want to go into a relationship with. Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile to find things out for yourself. I would have lost a good man in SPECTRO if I had let the rumours cloud my perception too.

I hope someone has learnt from this.




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