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For how long should a lady wear an engagement ring before wedding?

The proposal is one event that most ladies fantasize about everyday. Some want it done in the grandest location or the most beautiful restaurant, others want it in a place that holds dear memories for the couple, or even at sea. The focus today however is not on the location, but on the process itself and the ring that is usually used in marking the occasion. We’ve heard stories of those who gave their spouse engagement ring but took ‘forever’ before taking them to the altar, or never did. So we ask, how long should it take between the engagement ring and the wedding?

Olanrewaju ‘Ozone’ Olubukola has helped in gauging vital public opinion about the interesting issues that arise from an engagement ring staying too long on the finger of the bride-to-be as she awaits her groom to take the next step. Please leave your thoughts on this issue in the comments section as we also share opinions we have earlier sampled below:


Aboloye Oluwatoyosi Oluwamosope

A year max.

Solomon Buchi Bartholomew

A year is too much. It’s not dating, Engagement ring should be given when marriage is 6 months close.

Father’s Best

As long as you can be the actor of “Lord of the Rings” 💍

Adewale Dorcas OkikiJesu

3 months.

Ogochukwu Ejikeme Julia

The ring should come when they both ready to walk down the aisle, financially and in other ways. 

Toluse Dove Francis

No rules as to when the ring should be given. However, a year isn’t too long. Don’t forget the ring comes with an official proposal of marriage. Ladies look out for the ring oh and they are here saying something I don’t understand again.

Osadebe Hephzibah Ijeoma

Eh sir, please give me the engagement ring on the day of the traditional wedding. God bless you

Kikelomo Sowore

Yet to know the value of the ring sef…. E dey block toasters? Na surety?…. cos I see only ladies wearing it… I am confused maybe!

Alao Titilayomi Olayimika

Engagement ring is not meant to be worn about,after he has proposed,na to keep for purse.hehehehehe. But,honestly it should be less than a year.

Kelechi Nwaogu

First I like to ask what is the essence of an engagement ring if she has to wear it for months or even years? Listen guys, let put this issue into proper perspective. Would you rather marry a ring in your hands for 1 year and no hope insight? Or would you rather not have any ring and he takes you to the altar because he knows your worth.
Let take a look at this scenario. Would you rather pay for a product you know the worth and can afford immediately, rather than pay for a product installments because you hope the price would rise in the nearest future?
If you are willing and ready, it is needless holding down a lady with some kind of ring all in the name of engagement. Be focused, get your priority right, be self sufficient first, have a future plans of growth before pinning down any Lady. 

Orinami Risafe Favoured

6months max!…..even as a lady, why do we wear engagement ring when we aren’t sure of the alter?……it should be on your fingers, perhaps if he has done introduction with you and there is a hope of getting hooked up soon!. 

Udeolisa Onyinyechi

What is the need of the engagement ring sef. You can be with someone and when you think its time to take it to her parents level.. You just ask her to go see her parents “its time we get married ” . That’s all.

Adetayo Oladele

For me o, it should not be more than two months!


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Over to you readers. When should a bride start getting worried with her engagement ring without wedding in sight?

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  1. Well, my question goes to the ladies. Do you want him to propose or you want him to take you to the altar? I asked because some ladies pressurise their partner to propose if he is serious and in other to prove his seriousness, he does. But he might not be ready yet. So my advise is that if a guy wants to marry a lady, he would have been discussing the future with you. Things like when he plans to settle down and all that. So even when he propose, you already have an idea of when the wedding would be. Don’t go for the guy who just proposed but the guy who has you planned in his future.

  2. Its no longer an engagement ring when your middle finger itself has d white circle( from long period of putting the ring on) when you temporary remove the ring,a year max is enough to wear the show off! Wen its more than that, its an indication the guy is no longer sure of what he wants! Gimme the engagement ring 3 months into the fixed wedding date pls!

  3. I feel being engaged simply mean- “agreed to be married” I still do not get y d society has nw put a time bomb on d ring. I put d ring on it cuz u av AGREED TO MARRY ME not a time reminder to say we must marry in 6-10months from d day I put it dia. If u trust me to say yes, don’t worry I will sure marry u

  4. Well,this is interesting.I there is misplaced priority on this issue.It doesn’t take donkey years to round the process.Six months should be okay.Because,before a guy gives you the ring,the two of you must have been at the satisfying level of courtship and discussed on a higher level of mutual consent.Any further delay is just like a child play.

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