my little nephew introduced me to the love of my life
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My 8-yrs-old nephew introduced me to the woman who’s now the love of my life

I once laughed at my mum when she told me the story of how she met my dad through a third party called ‘Alarina’ in Yoruba language. To me, that would be unnecessary in this age and time, as most guys are bold enough to approach any woman and talk to her. Little did I know that there was a similar event waiting for me not too long after. My little nephew (who’s just eight) was the third party who served as the catalyst to meeting one of the most beautiful women in my life.

How did such a young lad pull that off? You are about to find out.

Demilade, my little nephew has been my very good friend since he was born. He’s my elder brother’s first child after almost Seven years of waiting, and boy! Demilade came with all the joy from heaven. He is like three kids in one; he’s got sharp intellects, strong, and always lively. I make it a point of duty to check on him every time I am on the island.

Personally, I had not been too lucky with relationships. There’s always one trouble or the other with my girlfriends. If I am not the problem, they are. It just never works, so I gave up trying. Freestyling became the order of the day for me, and I quite enjoyed it better. No commitments, no problems.

My parents and elder brother and his wife have tried severally to hook me up with girls they thought would click, but I was very okay with my new found status. My dad was surprisingly the most concerned. He just couldn’t stop teasing and pressuring me to follow in my brother’s footsteps. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I had to promise him I would get a woman before the turn of the year. There was no plan in place, I didn’t know how I would make it happen, but I promised him anyway.

This promise was made in September and I had three months to make it happen.

Fast forward to Demilade’s Eighth birthday. I was there as usual, having fun with a few friends when my little nephew came up to me and said “Uncle Tee, come and meet my friend”

I followed immediately, thinking I was being led to meet a group of young lads. But to my surprise, Demmy led me to a lady. Initially, I thought he was confusing things, so I asked him again, “where are your friends?”

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He pointed to the lady, and she looked up at me for the first time. Oh boy! What I saw was total beauty!

It felt really awkward between us, and I lost my voice for a moment. Demmy however helped me out by speaking.

“This is Aunty Dorcas. She is my mommy’s friend, and my friend too. I always tell her about you, and I told her you bought me a car for my birthday (referring to the giant toy car I got him)”

I exchanged pleasantries with Dorcas and left quickly to rejoin my friends. Her face got stuck in my head however. Throughout the day and for the rest of that week, I kept replaying that episode in my head. I wanted to see Dorcas again, but didn’t know how to.

After doing a lot of thinking, I checked on Demilade not too long after and asked him about his friend, Dorcas.

“You know Dorcas?” his mother interjected.

I had to tell her how Demmy introduced us. She got the gist from the way I spoke fondly of her, and in her usual fashion, she set up another meeting.

This time around, I seized the opportunity and we got on well.

Less than two months later, we got closer and became an item. I am happy, Dorcas is happy, Demmy is happy and everyone else.

We are now planning to take the relationship a step further, and I will always remember my little nephew’s part in making it happen.

That’s my love story, what’s yours?


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