Lindsay Lohan hospitalized with incurable virus

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly rushed to hospital after a rare virus left her so ill that she couldn’t even walk.


According to TMZ, the 28-year-old contracted Chikungunya whilst on holiday in Bora Bora. The virus, which is passed on through mosquito bites, is incurable and can leave sufferers with week-long fevers and joint pain. And, unfortunately for LiLo, there are no vaccines or treatment for the illness, but medication can reduce the severity of symptoms.

The Mean Girls star was admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital in London after complaining of a fever and joint pain so severe that it left her immobile. After her fever broke, LiLo is said to have been released on Wednesday (Jan 21) and has been referred to a specialist for her muscle pain. Her mum, Dina, is believed to be flying across the pond in order to be by her daughter’s side as she battles the symptoms.

Chikungunya isn’t considered a lethal virus, with less than 1 in 1000 deaths caused by the bug. However, unfortunately for LiLo, some of the symptoms, which also include, headaches, nausea, fatigue and rashes can last for weeks and even months at a time.


Lindsay first revealed that she was infected with the Chikungunya virus at the end of 2014 whilst enjoying Christmas with friends in French Polynesia. Tweeting a picture of the serene view and calm sea on December 27, she posted, “Before I got chikungunya, use Big Spray please God bless.” The next day she shared another picture, writing, “Being sick is no fun. But happy new year everyone. Be safe. Love all. Make a difference […]”.

However, she was determined not to let the illness ruin her holiday, sharing a picture of herself smiling with friends and the caption, “In good faith with good people. I refuse to let a virus effect my peaceful vacation. Be safe and happy on the new year all and a positive, healthy new year.”

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It was during Lindsay’s time in California that the symptoms started to worsen. The star made a pit stop in Los Angeles on her way back to London in order to film an advert for Esurance. The car insurance company seemed like a strange choice for LiLo, who herself has been slapped with two DUIs and been involved in highly publicized accidents. However, TMZ reports that the advert is set to be shown during the most coveted time slot on American television – during the Super Bowl.


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