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LINDA IKEJI denies claims that she can buy ANY MAN!

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Earlier today, a certain screenshot of series of tweets from a purported Linda Ikeji’s handle was beginning to make rounds on the internet. The tweets claimed that the celebrity blogger was so rich she could buy anything that gave her happiness – including a man! But now, Linda Ikeji has confirmed exclusively to GLOWVILLE that she didn’t tweet that she can buy any man!

Facebook was beginning to go agog when a controversial picture started circulating showing some bragging from the celebrity blogger. The picture was of tweets from a Linda Ikeji saying she had 1 Million followers and I billion dollars in her account. Another tweet claimed the blogger doesn’t care about her single status as long as she’s able to buy anything that brings happiness including ANY MAN!.

Buy any man

We had to do a little digging to be sure the tweet really came from her, so we reached her directly to confirm.

The blogger wasted no time in denying the tweet.

See proof below:


Buy any man

Now, it remains to be seen how the tweet came about.

The handle carried the original LINDA IKEJI account, and appeared to have been posted 6 hours before we saw it. If we are accurate, that should be in the early hours of today.

The ‘conspiracy theory’ here is however telling us she might have had a second thought about the tweet and deleted it. But not as as fast as her stalkers who were faster in this case. It can also be possible that it took a while for her to make the decision of deleting the tweet because it had amassed over 68 retweets as evident in the picture.

We won’t dwell on that. What’s important is that the said owner of the tweet has distanced herself from such claims and we just have to believe her, except someone else comes with a better proof. So guys sorry, you can forget about Linda trying to buy any man for now.

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She won’t be getting into another controversy anytime soon; she’s got more money on her mind.

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