before you approach a lady
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What you should know before you approach a lady for a relationship

I’m angry. Yeah. Listen, guys, before you approach a lady, always know the following :

– ladies are naturally more emotional than guys

– ladies have different elastic limits and differ in their ability to manage their emotions. Some are very strong while some can break down at the slightest heartbreak.

So, when you approach a lady for a relationship, especially one who knows what she’s doing and where she’s going, please, make sure you count the cost. Know what you want and be sure you want to go all the way before engaging a lady’s emotions. Don’t do trial and error. Even if the relationship doesn’t eventually work, it won’t be due to your irresponsibility and inactivity.

See, emotional disorder is the most dangerous and difficult illness to treat. It had to do with the psyche, and you may not be able to help yourself. Whereas you can always use drugs to treat any physical ailment.

70% of female psychiatric cases is as a result of love and martial issues. before you approach a lady

How can you propose relationship to a lady only to start acting like you were drugged when you approached her, thereby leaving the lady confused? You initiated a relationship, only for you to be begged to participate in making it work. What kind of nonsense is that?

If you’re not ready for a relationship, don’t engage a lady’s emotions. Don’t do it because you’re bored and need to pass time. Don’t approach a lady because you’ve not seen a lady of your type. Don’t approach a lady if you don’t know your bearing in life. Don’t involve an innocent lady in your misery. Don’t involve a lady if your life is complicated. Don’t make a lady regret ever opening her heart to you. Don’t make a lady miserable because she loves you and accepted you!

The heart is too delicate to be toyed with or to be used as experiment. Whatever you call for, you pay for. The poor lady didn’t beg you for a relationship. You came to her. And you should be responsible! Don’t ever underestimate the power of a hurting lady in making your life miserable. I can refer you to a victim, so you know it’s real!

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  1. Nice article. Tough but sensible

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