Kanye West believes Amber Rose is bitter because he dumped her

There might be a reason for Amber Rose to take cover now because rumour has it the sassy model’s former boyfriend and rapper Kanye West is on the war path for his ex after she dissed his current wife Kim Kardashian and her family in her furious rant about them all. Kanye is likely to set even more sparks flying, because he reportedly thinks Amber is just lashing out because she’s bitter that he dumped her.


Earlier ths week Amber hit out at Kanye’s sister-in-law Kylie Jenner, over the 17 year-old’s alleged relationship with rapper Tyga, 25, with the 31 year-old claiming he should be “ashamed” about the romance. Following that she got into a Twitter spat with Khloe Kardashian over the comments and slammed her and her family as “plastic a** h***”.

According to a new report by HollywoodLife Amber was just using the oppourtunity to hit out at her ex, who she’s always maintained cheated on her with now wife Kim and is furious at her behaviour.

The insider said: “Amber’s just mad because Kanye got rid of her in a hurry. She was no good from the start and when he found out she was trying to get with every guy in the industry, he cut her loose. What Kanye wants Amber to know is that she’s really a waste of space and should go do something with her entire image, especially that hair. Like, how long is she going to rock the same style? Point blank — Kanye thinks Amber is beyond tired and should retire back to the pasture from where she came.”

While it’s fair to hit back at her for her harsh words aimed at Kylie, Khloe and Kim over recent days, referring to her as a cow could only fuel the flames of what appears to be fast becoming a very heated and toxic feud between the two sides, all sparked by those comments 31-year-old Amber made over Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s friendship.

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The insider went on to explain that Kanye, 37, now wants to make it his mission to ridicule Amber so that she regrets ever starting the whole fight. They added: “Kanye wants to go back to SNL and work out one hilarious and truthful skit that would make Amber Rose think twice before coming for him or anyone in his family. He’s so serious too, and would love nothing more than to destroy her and make her pull out the little hair she has.”

We don’t think this will be the last we here of this one, Amber did brand Kim a “whore” after all and no hubby is going to take someone saying that about his wife lightly, least of all Kanye.


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