What Juliet Ibrahim really thinks about men that cheat

Popular Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim took to twitter to share her idea on why men would always cheat on their women. Her reasons may have made sense to many people, but what if there is another angle to it that we are not talking about?

Juliet Ibrahim tweeted thus:

Wondering why a man will cheat? Simplest answer among all others: because there’s always a woman out there willing to cheat with him #facts

At first glance, I agree with her. Cheating involves two people, a man and a woman. One of them is usually an infidel, and the other is a willing/ignorant accomplice to the act. Why I agree with this point is because I do not expect the blame of cheating to be cast 100% on men, when in reality, men can’t cheat with themselves; they need a partner in women to carry out the act successfully.

The question is, “Are these women always willing to cheat with already taken men?”

There are lots of ladies out there who do not care about the marital/dating status of the men they are with, as long as the men make them happy. Most of these ladies know it, talk about it and just live with it. Some of them are even friends or neighbors with the real owners (wives and girlfriends) of the men. Suffice to call these ladies the sidechics, mistresses, or desperadoes.

There is another set of women who cheat with men who are already taken, but they are totally ignorant of it. These ladies are approached by the men who claim to be single and they look like it (some men go as far as taking off their wedding rings). There are many young guys and full-grown men, who are unmarried, but have as many as five to six girlfriends. They make every one of the ladies look forward to a future with them. Now, what will you call these set of ladies? In their own right, they are the main chics, but when the guy patronizes the other girls, they are the sidechics, the cheats! How does one judge their case?

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Juliet Ibrahim

As much as we can’t totally absolve ladies of the blame of making themselves available for the ungodly act of cheating, we can’t overlook the roles men play in this.

The men are the common factor here; they are either the ones with the willing sidechics or the ones trying to eat their cakes and have it by dating multiple women. The problem is more with the men. Imagine if our men decide to be faithful to their partners and wives, imagine if the desperado ladies do not have the opportunity of destroying a family, imagine if all the university girls do not have sugar daddies coming to pick them from campus, imagine if brothels are hardly patronized except by single men who can’t hold their bodies.

A beautiful world it will be yeah? With little or no breakups and divorces, we can have long-term relationships, happy marriages and good legacies to leave for the coming generation.

In another article, I will look at the issue of married and dating women who cheat.

For now, this is my opinion about the Juliet Ibrahim tweet, you can share yours in the comments box below.

Thank you.

Olumide Lawrence


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