Joke Silva's 5 Tips To A Healthy Relationship

Joke Silva’s 5 Tips To A Healthy Relationship

When a woman with 30 years experience of marital bliss speaks about relationship and marriage, I think we have to listen! Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva shares 5 tips to a healthy relationship. Grab your seat belts, this is going to be a bumpy but jolly ride 😀

Joke Silva, who’s been married to actor, Olu Jacobs since 1985, has come out to dish out some wisdom out of her wealth of experience by sharing some tips on marriage and sustaining a healthy relationship. The 54-year-old role interpreter, was part of the Hear Word Twitter chat (#HWChat), where she gave out the tips.

According to her:

Marriage means friendship, loving, fighting.. Laughing, worrying, togetherness Marriage pressure  is not good, because you get pushed into the wrong relationship.

The pressure from society is enormous but if a woman has that sense of affirmation her life is just as fulfilled

A lot of extraneous forces can mar a relationship. I say be true to YOU, not mum, dad or society.

A healthy attitude to money is important. You build your empire together.

On a final note, she said ‘For me the biggest advantage of being married is knowing I have someone always in my corner wanting what’s best for me and the kids’….

She may have tilted more towards the ladies, but I think there are some handy tips for the guys too.

Thank you mummy for sharing with us.

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