Jay Z and Beyonce's divorce

Jay Z and Beyonce’s divorce finally happening?

Indications are rife that Jay Z and Beyonce’s divorce may be finally happening. This looks like it’s been a long time coming as Hollywoodlife reports that Beyonce and Jay Z have been fighting non-stop. It has gotten so bad that Bey broke down at Kelly Rowland’s birthday party and announced she was planning to ‘end her marriage’ to Jay! If this happens, a lot of hearts will be broken…including mine!

It appears Beyonce may not be “crazy in love” with her hubby anymore. When the slay queen joined Kelly Rowland to celebrate her fellow Destiny’s Child member’s 35th birthday, Queen Beyonce reportedly confessed that after seven years together, she was calling it quits with Jay!

During Kelly’s Feb. 20 birthday bash at the Sunset Tower Hotel, Beyonce “was really partying away, drinking and flirting,” a source told Life & Style magazine. “It was clear something was bothering her.” It didn’t take long for the “Formation” singer to share what was on her mind, as she reportedly admitted that she wanted a divorce!

“She took off her wedding ring and held it up in the air,” the source also told Life & Style. “Then she told people that it was one of the last times they’d see it. Everyone was shocked.”

Jay and Bey have been “fighting over everything,” according to the report, and it seemed that Bey finally “reached a breaking point” at the party. They even have stopped talking to each other, unless it’s about Blue Ivy Carter who is just 4.

Could the cutest and sweetest romance in hip-hop history be over with Jay Z and Beyonce’s Divorce?

After Bey’s reported confession, her mother, Tina Knowles, told everyone that Bey “hadn’t meant it,” and that it was the alcohol talking, according to the report. While Tina tried to “Blame It On The Alcohol,” an insider told Life & Style that Bey’s reported confession was “a long time coming. Bey wants to move on with her life and find happiness again.”

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But Alas! She may have found it…and with her husband!

Whatever caused this alleged meltdown at Kelly’s birthday, the issue seemed to have been resolved when Bey and Jay Z attended the Feb. 29 Los Angeles Clippers game. “They were in the front row, acting very much like a couple,” Hollywoodlife reports, adding that Bey and the “Hard Knock Life” rapper were “showing that they were in a great mood.”

The speculation is that Jay may have pulled out another grand gesture to get on Bey’s good side. Reports also have it that right before her amazing performance at Super Bowl 50, Jay sent his wife 10,000 roses as a way to say “break a leg” and “I love you.”.

Hmmm, with Bey reportedly saying she’s ready to call it quits, how many roses will Jay Z need to save his marriage?



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