Is it reasonable to love a lady because she cooks well

Is it reasonable to love a lady because she cooks well?

Errrmmmm. A lot of you guys will say I have come again, but this is becoming a trend among guys, and it’s now up for discussion, so we can all learn and probably straighten up.

Okay, let’s get on with it.

>>>Is it reasonable to love a lady because she cooks well?

– ‪#‎OluMabel‬.

Is it reasonable to love a lady because she cooks well


Adeleke Julianah says That one is falling in love with her skills, not her.  You learn she’s a good cook and decided to be ‘in love’? My broda, no desif yasef. Na food yu luf!

Olawale Peter says Good looks will go away but hunger has a permanent visa with humans. #onaofun #onaorun. heheheheee

Fadoju Folorunsho says it’s part of the sum total of falling in love jare… love is not in isolation

Aduloju David says There must be an object of attraction which get your attention. It may be beauty, it may be character, it may be her skill like cooking, singing dancing playing instrument,) it may be her proffession. Or her ethutiasm. Etc .There is bound to be something that would attract your attention before you would can now turn it to friendship.

Olatunde Adebayo says Cooking shouldn’t be the back bone of your love for anyone because disaster looms on the day the food is overly salted..

Ajiboye Kolade says they say the way to a man’s heart is his mouth (can’t remember my source) but cooking shouldn’t be why you love her. It should be a Jara, something you enjoy because you chose to love her for who she is

Afolake Wonder says  Men can be unpredictable jare, they can fall in love because of anything. I heard someone fell in love with his wife becos of her hot legs. This one is even food…hmmn… They can die in love for it sef

Kehinde Olusesan says  Let’s face it, falling in love because of cooking skill or whatever skill is actually a wrong reason to fall in love. If i fall in love just because she can cook, what happens when I see another lady who can cook better?..I go port abi? lol…Abeg, let whatever draws you to a lady be things of her internal virtue rather than her cooking skill..I remember when i used to melt when i see ladies who can sing well but most times, when you move closer, you discover that all na wash. lol

Now up to you, what is your opinion about this. Let’s hear it from you in the comments box below.

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  1. NO! I am a lady and please don’t fall in love with me because I can cook well. What happen the day I mess up or I refuse to cook for you…I guess you’d fall out of love with me?

    Any lady can learn to cook if she learns to…so it is a No No for me…

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