sexual commitment in marriage

Are men excused from sexual commitment in marriage?

Sexual commitment is a very big issue in many marriages across Nigeria, Africa; well it’s a big issue in most parts of the world. And oddly enough, there’s a certain bias in society’s expectation that tends to throw women under the bus, and just give men a break when a case of infidelity arises in a marriage covenant. Women are generally not expected to have affairs outside marriage, and when it happens, all hell is let loose on them. For men however, whilst they are also not expected to have extra-marital affairs, the standards are not so stringent. Men do not have to go through half the punishment and rejection women are subjected to. Should this be the case?

Ayobami Ogedengbe has something to say about men and sexual commitment in marriage:

When you penetrate a bed, make sure you stay in that bed.

In the society it is considered as “goof” if a man commits adultery. Even though over the years, man has tried to hide under the cover of so many things like culture and nature; But in the inner most core of their individual being they know it’s a goof.

And yes, it’s indeed a goof. You shouldn’t commit Adultery. That’s just the simple thought your simplest and most honest innermost being is telling you or should tell you as a real man.

And if it’s not telling you, then you need Jesus, so shall you be saved.


The question is; ‘Are you a real man?’

John 3:16 (Ayobami Ogedengbe’s Contemporary version).

That’s what he thinks, what do you think?


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