Introducing you to DealAfriq, the ‘Alibaba’ for Africa

The world is becoming smaller and smaller everyday, as majority of what used to seem very far from us are getting closer via the use of the digital space and mobile technology. Commercial activities and business of every form have taken a large space in this new world, and we see daily improvements in the innovation that has taken over our world. One of such is what I discovered, and would love to share with you today – talking about DealAfriq!

DEALAFRIQ IS TAKING AFRICAN TRADE TO THE WORLD!! is a global wholesale Marketplace that showcases the very best of what Africa has to offer.

Although launching in early 2017, DealAfriq is already dubbed ‘the Alibaba for Africa’. The platform brings together vendors and suppliers of a wide range of products made in Africa, with a global customer base keen to source the very best in African products.


Initial product categories will include Clothing, Textiles, Accessories, Jewelry, Agricultural products, Food, Energy, Furniture, Health, and Beauty products.



For existing importers of African products, particularly those only selling to consumers, Dealafriq provides you with an exciting additional route to market. Available globally, Dealafriq will allow you to list and sell your chosen imported product lines to other retailers and online stores, creating a valuable additional source of revenue and expansion opportunities.



For producers of products in Africa, Dealafriq opens up the opportunity to sell your products to a global audience and bypass the administrative and logistical hurdles that often make such trade unprofitable.

Our vision is to provide a global opportunity for any supplier in Africa to reach a global audience with the minimum of effort. In doing so we plan to replicate the success of Alibaba and other similar marketplaces in opening up trade opportunities to businesses small and large throughout Africa that has never existed before.

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To ensure you are in at the start of this exciting opportunity, just click on the ‘Sell with Dealafriq’ button at and take it from there. Creating a shop of your own on Dealafriq is child’s play, and by listing your products in your shop you will be perfectly placed to take advantage of the buzz when we launch in early 2017.


Register on to sell your made in Nigeria or Made in Africa goods internationally and earn USD $$$.

All goods sold on the platform will be traded in USD and sellers will be paid in USD if they have a USD account or the equivalent in their local currency.

We project that we’ll help create thousands of new entrepreneurs, 100 dealafriq marketing and logistics employees in each participating African country, and up to 50,000 self-employed manufacturers of made in Africa goods in various sectors in participating African countries. DealAfriq Limited also plans to help revive the aging African institutions, improve the export industry by encouraging and supporting local manufacturers across Africa.


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