INSPIRATIONAL: Crippled woman writes novel with her toes

You think your goals and ambitions are unrealistic? Let 21-year-old Hu Huiyuan convince you that you’re wrong. She suffers from cerebral palsy so severe she can only move her head and her left foot… and she’s writing a novel.

The Chinese woman has already written 60,000 words using only her toes; amassing an impressive six chapters. Her parents have said she learned to read and write simply through watching TV subtitles, and now she’s well on the way to finishing a complete work of literary fiction. Are you feeling motivated already?


According to the Daily Mail, the inspirational young woman needs to be fastened to her wheelchair while she types so she is stabilized, and has got so proficient that she can type 20 to 30 words a minute. She only has two chapters to go before her book is finished.

She told local TV: “I teach myself. I’m so fascinated by the opportunities that being able to read presents. Being able to write allows me to communicate with so many more people. I’m not a genius but I’m very focused. When you have a disability like this, you have to learn patience.”

This is so motivational.

Her father Peng explained: “When she was born the doctors said she wouldn’t survive more than a few days, but she did. They didn’t know what was wrong with her at first, but 10 months later they told us it was cerebral palsy.

“The only parts of her body she could move were her head and her foot, but she was incredibly determined. She eventually learned to do all sorts of everyday tasks using just her foot.”

What an inspiration!

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  1. What an amazing inspiration from Hu Huiyuan…That’s very good of her

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