in love with my best friend

How my BF fell in love with my best friend

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One of the most common reasons relationship fail is because one person gets involved with another person outside the relationship; it becomes even more hurtful when that other person is the affected lover’s best friend. You are hurt in two ways; no lover to cry with, no friend to talk to. This is the the story of how my bf fell in love with my best friend. 

I never thought the day would come when I would be able to tell this story, but I am glad I have the courage, it shows how much I have healed from the heartbreak and moved on from the disappointment. I may not be in a relationship at the moment, but I know it’s a much better state than the whole months of my life I wasted with Kenny (not real name).

My relationship with Kenny didn’t start until my second year in the university. I kept him till that time because I had promised myself not to start a relationship until I have had a successful first year. Since Kenny was the major guy on my case, I had to give in.

Whilst I was excited to start my first relationship on campus with a guy who had been loyal and patient enough to wait a whole year for me, my boyfriend’s excitement was elsewhere with someone else. For several months, I was oblivious of what was happening between the two closest people in my life, until the day something unusual took me to Gbemisola’s (my best friend) phone and I stumbled on the chat between her and my boyfriend. I can’t go over the details of their erotic chat and other stuff they planned behind me, but you can understand how heartbroken I was.

I couldn’t confront Gbemi, I was too disappointed that my friend would sleep with my man. I however went to see Kenny and after initially trying to bully his way out of the situation, he finally confessed that things started between himself and Gbemi in our first year.

At that time, he was asking me out, but I didn’t seem to be looking his way. According to him, his earlier intention was to get to me through Gbemi, but they got close instead and started having an affair. His heart was however stuck with me, and that was why he still went on to start a relationship with me. When I asked him why Gbemi didn’t show some jealousy after our relationship started, he said they had both agreed that it would not affect my relationship.

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It seemed like a movie to me, but there was no proper script to let me know how it would end. I really liked Kenny, but I couldn’t keep the heartbreak and the relationship; I couldn’t bear to think he fell in love with my best friend. Eventually, I broke the relationship with Kenny and also with Gbemi.

I will be graduating soon, and that experience will always remain one of the major lessons I learnt on campus.

– Temilola. B

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  1. Hmmm…guess the guy’s got everytin planned @ agreement (btwn him and d “best” friend) glad u free nw dou- a tough decision but d best one

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