Imperfection is a lie

Imperfection is a LIE!

Growing up as a kid I was told that I can be whomever I wanted to be if I reach for the sky but however it turns out I should consolidate on successes and make adjustments from lesson learned from mistakes after all imperfection is our common lot and we sometimes fall regardless of our different beliefs, occupation and endeavours.

I will go straight to the point here and say it as it is without coating – “The term imperfection is a lie”.

Ladies and Gentlemen in relationship, this concept has been the major reason why we have lingered in abusive relationship, lowered our expectation and settled for mediocrity all with an excuse of imperfection. He comes with the sleekest of rhymes and woos her. He portrays every symbol of a perfect lover and as expected, she exhumes an Angel’s personality as well – how then could he continuously use the excuse of imperfection to emotionally blackmail his lover?

Certainly no relationship has got it rosy neither has there been one without rocky paths but owning up to responsibilities with sincere apology and a repentant heart is all it takes. But then, how much is her heart willing to bear with a constant apology of same lies in different packages and dimensions. His only excuse for inconsistency is always that line – “we are imperfect as human beings”.

This general belief has been the major alibi and has created a safe haven for a comfortable escape route. It is no surprise that a relationship that seemed so bright from the onset could go blur with either parties hiding behind the guise of imperfection; from where they comfortably find an excuse for a lie. Although they may not lie in actual sense but they could have tried harder and not have to hide behind imperfection as an excuse of not trying.

This isn’t about the beauty of imperfection that makes us humans or the fact that our nature is not wired for total perfection; but that her expectations becomes smaller everyday as she deals with more excuses of his imperfection. She slowly adapts, and soon her dreams of a perfect relationship becomes a mirage only because he decides to dwell in his imperfect abode or that she’s got to wonder how many more times he needs to compromise again and again, losing every sense of happiness in a bid to contain his excuses of all of us not being perfect.

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There is a constant pursuit to give one’s best in a relationship where love truly resides. However, there are times when the inevitable occurs which is expected to be related to each parties with an understanding of the realities as it were. When there is a continuous excuse for not doing the expected or an excuse why a party in the relationship always have to settle for less in a bid to condone an excuse of imperfection from the other, then the concept is abused and ultimately becomes a lie.

I believe we can be the best we want to be and stay ever happy without having to run behind the back of imperfection to justify our deeds. Of course, it’s the easiest way to cover up and own up to a wrong – who wouldn’t seek an easy way out? The question – is the easy way the right way or the most comfortable way to manoeuvre our partner at all times?

Imperfection is only an excuse.

Imperfection is the lie we comfortably hide behind. We can actually do better, we can be the best without having to abuse the term and try a little more investing all over again in the relationship.

Isn’t it time we stopped using that line and putting a little bit more effort to making things work? We may not be perfect as humans, but we can strive for perfection in our endeavours; keeping healthy relationships is one of such.

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