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I’m Single!…Not For Long – Gabriel Afolayan

The award winning actor, and fast rising musician talks about his background, his career, his relationships, and his forthcoming album in the interview with GLOWVILLE

This interview originally held in 2013. This is a repost.


G Fresh

G Fresh

Actor and Singer.
Studio6 Multimedia Entertainment.


I was born into the family of late Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love). I hail from Kwara state. We are five in the movie industry. One of us is Kunle Afolayan, producer of award winning Irapada and Araromire (figurine).

When did you begin professionally as an entertainer?

I have been doing this for more than two decades. I started at a very tender age.

Your family is a family of entertainment. Virtually all your siblings are in the movies. Did that make you decide to also go into movies?

No. It is my own decision and of course dad’s legacy was sure. Beyond it being a legacy for us, it was a normal thing to do. It was part of us.

Was your father a singer or an actor?

Fortunately, he did both during his lifetime. My being in both fields just like him, is an element of the GOD factor.

Your debut single “Kokoro Ife” has received wide acceptance in the market. Did you anticipate the success?

Sincerely, I didn’t see it coming. But I knew there was something unique about the song.

What’s your philosophy of life, as an entertainer?

Don’t stop believing…and it will effect your change.

Your music can be categorized into which genre?

RNB soul.

As an actor cum singer, do you face any challenges dealing with both?

No challenges. My management (Cream entertainment) sees to that.

Your latest single, AWELEWA, which is already making waves in the market, becomes your fifth released single. Should we expect an album soon?

We are looking into that at the moment. Anticipate.

Are you in a relationship?

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No. Still me.

Surprising! I don’t expect that status to remain same for too long, especially after now.

That kain thing.

You are a thespian. What is your advise to fellow thepians, and other aspiring entertainers out there?

Guide ur hustle and remain prayerful.

Thank you very much. It’s been nice talking to you.

You’re welcome.

Gabriel recently released a single titled ‘Alantere’. It’s been smashing and receiving lots of review. Suffice to say the video did immense justice to the song. Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD the video

Also Download Gabriel’s previous tracks.


CLUB 09.





Follow Gabriel Afolayan on twitter @g_freshbaba.

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