If wishes were horses, will Dangote and his Arsenal dreams ride?

I love pizza, I can afford it, I want it and so I buy it. Dangote loves the gunners, he can afford the club, he wants to buy and bingo!

I’m not exactly a fan of football; I respect and admire the passion with which 150 viewers can sandwich their selves into a room designed to house 50 and yell at each others’ sweaty bodies all for the love of the game but that sort of a thing isn’t exactly my style.

I prefer to observe from a distance, I have friends and it’s always fun to celebrate their victories and tease them wickedly when they lose. Arsenal FC as you can imagine is one team that has afforded me the opportunity to tease my guys so much so the teasing has lost its appeal. I just love the faithfuls; it’s no small thing to play good football in England and just manage to be in the champion’s league where you are exited alongside the pawns. These guys pledge loyalty to a coach whose priority is to balance the books even if it means his side goes trophy-less for close to a decade.  If a rich man in this part of the world thinks his club should have a little more silverware and he wants to do something about it, why not if not?

This is not the first time Dangote has tried to buy the gunners, it’s an emerging trend among the billionaires of this world; own fancy cars, mansions, jets and ensure you also own people. Its beyond just vanity, there’s a business angle to this too. Football clubs are profitable investments; several eyebrows have been raised, loads of comments passed and a number of well meaning Nigerians have thrown all sorts of tantrums but in the end, what Dangote does or doesn’t do with his money is his to decide.

Why can’t he use that money to develop the country? Why can’t he provide scholarships or even buy a Nigerian club instead?

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I think he’s done enough for the country already. That is not to say he can’t or shouldn’t do more; it’s just to tell naysayers that he has done a lot. I don’t have exact statistics, but you know as well as I do that several of his investments put food on thousands of Nigerian families’ tables. He is not the government, he’s a citizen like me, and you, like my father, and yours. We should probably busy ourselves with planning and working to hit our first billion than educating someone who has a lot to spare on how to spend his.

I hope he’s successful in his bid this time; he’ll do Nigeria and Africa proud. And I hope he’ll buy a lot of African players and that my friend’s team will stop going trophy-less after so long!!!


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