A rebound
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I wanted a rebound, but I found love in her

Love sometimes comes to us when we seem to have given up on it, and at such times, we can be lost somewhere in the middle of bliss and our will never to succumb to the feeling. Eventually, love always wins. Our story today narrates how a rebound became a blissful journey to love. You will surely enjoy this one from Timilehin.


I had not been so lucky with dating until I met Blessing (Ngozi). I usually set out to go all the way in relationships but somehow find myself not being able to keep them for more than a year. Nonetheless, I was not giving up.

My relationship with Agnes seemed headed for the long-term, and I was beginning to get relaxed until she decided to call it quits due to ‘differences’ between us she could not keep up with. She remained resolute despite many pleas to consciously work it out; her mind was made up. I had to let go, but it was a tough heartbreak for me.

I was thoroughly shaken, and was losing focus with everything else. In a bid to help me get over her, my friends hooked me up with Blessing at a party, asking me to use her as a rebound to get over Agnes. Rebound because she lived in the same estate with Agnes, and they thought dating Blessing would let me get one over her. But all that didn’t matter after I met Blessing.

I was initially reluctant to go ahead with an arranged relationship, more so one which was intended to serve as a rebound, but I decided to give it a go just to help me regain a new verve.

My first official date with Blessing was nothing short of spectacular; we talked as though we had known each other for years. She had similar experiences with me and she was able to explain so frankly that it got my empathy. I realized so many beautiful things about her within the few hours we spent, and by the time we were ready to leave, I knew I had to see her again.

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Our friendship blossomed so quick that it even got my friends wondering what was happening. Having learnt a lot from our previous relationships, we both decided to take it slow and put the basics first, in order not to end up just the same way we were before meeting each other.

We took our time to learn and understand our differences, we learnt how to harness our individual strength to a collective goal, we learnt how to love each other the right way, and not to be individualistic and a lot. With every time we spent together, I fell anew in love with her, and wasn’t willing not to let her go.

We have been dating for eight months now, and plans to spend the rest of our lives together have begun.

I share this story because I know there might be someone out there who is almost giving up on love, or who has given up. Please don’t give up just yet, the right one might just be around the corner.

– Timi



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