I Slit My Wrist To Prove My Love To My BF

Talk about a shocking confession, and crazy things anyone can do for love.


Secret Week Talk Show co-host, Sharon Osbourne took time on to share a story nobody knew about except for Ozzy Osbourne.

At 27-years-old, Sharon decided to slit her wrists with a steak knife, just to prove how much she loved her then-boyfriend.

“I never discussed it out of embarrassment of how stupid I was at the time to have done such a thing for myself,” she confessed to her fellow co-hosts. “I learned a great lesson from this.”

After a night of drinking and partying, Sharon detailed how Ozzy asked how much she loved him. When she replied, “I’ll do anything for you,” Ozzy asked her to prove it.

Once she stabbed herself, Sharon quickly realized her big mistake.

“I think we better call an ambulance,” she remembers telling Ozzy. “I got very sober, very quickly.”

After being taken to a psych ward and being put on lockdown, the co-host made it clear that it was a mistake that no woman should consider doing. 

“These scars are a big embarrassment,” she said. “The scars don’t go away. They stay with you…It’s a reminder to us all.”

Sharon isn’t the first co-host to reveal a shocking secret. Earlier, Julie Chen revealed something that had haunted her for years. Turns out her grandfather was a polygamist.

“He had nine wives, six of who bore him children,” she explained. “He had 11 children that we know of, countless mistresses.”

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