all he wants is sex

I love him, but I think he only wants sex

I’ve been seeing this guy for about 8 months now.

We started out with a very casual relationship. We would hang out and we would have sex. That’s it. It was fun at first but as time went on I started to develop feelings for him. Now I’m in love with him. I’m crazy about this man. I recently expressed my feelings for him and he was shocked.

We don’t have sex as often and we don’t hang out as often because of our very busy schedules. I forgot to mention there’s an age gap. I’m 21 he’s 29. I’m frustrated because I want us to develop into something more..but there’s so many obstacles in the way. The age difference isn’t that big of a deal to me but it might be to him.

The base of our relationship also started off as sex and I feel like making that change is going to be difficult. I don’t know!! My thoughts are all scrambled!! Pleaseeee help me.”

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