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I didn’t fall in love; I just knew she was the ONE

Most love stories usually begin with the familiar paparazzi of mushed up feelings, collywobbles and the rest. Our featured love story for today took a pass on all of that and went straight to the real deal. You will surely enjoy this one from Dr. Paul.

When I was young, it seemed as if I fell in love a lot. Looking back now, more than 25 years from my first crush, I remember the dizzying feeling of new intimacies, emotional boundaries crashing down, two hearts thumping, two hands touching, the whole huge magical adrenaline rush of it. But when I met my wife, the whole experience was different. I didn’t have to go through all the adrenaline experience, I didn’t fall in love, I just knew she was the one.  We grew together in love, and found great reasons to decide we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

I met Omo at Oba Market, Benin. She was a corps member, and was shopping for the weekend. I was also at the market with a friend, looking for a particular CD we wanted to use for a function at the office. I don’t know how it happened, but my eyes met with Omo’s at the market and I was just convinced not to let her out of my sight forever. You can call it ‘love at first sight’ but this was deeper than that.

Getting to know her was quite difficult. Becoming friends with her, was even more difficult, but my resolve remained the same. I was deeply convinced she was my ONE. She had a boyfriend, so I had limits to how far I could go with her. I had to be very patient, and kept contacts with her even after her service year when she returned to her base in Asaba.

Eventually, my opportunity came when she broke up with her boyfriend, but it was even a more daunting task trying to convince her to move on with me. What I found most interesting was that the more she tried to push me off, the more I got attracted to her. On the 27th day of March of one of the best years of my life, Omo finally agreed to date me, and on the same date the following year, I proposed.

I have every reason to say today that my heart led me right, and I have the best wife in the world.


– Dr. P. Idemudia.


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