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I did the ‘UNTHINKABLE’ to find love

Before you read this, I’d like to ask you; “IS THERE A LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN DO TO MEET A PROSPECTIVE LOVER?”. Hold your thoughts, read this story and let us know if the writer went overboard to find love, or did just enough to win in the end. If you are the lady in this story, will you get on with this guy? We look forward to your answers after reading this weird and interesting story.

It was 6:45 am on a cool Thursday morning. I was dressed for work and since I didn’t have a car, I had to assemble with many others at the bus stop to use public transport.

There was the usual drama of competing with other bystanders to get into a bus, the face-off with unscrupulous bus conductors, risk of getting pick-pocketed, and the risk of getting to work late due to traffic. But none of these was on top of my attention as much as the beautiful damsel that was a few metres away from me.

Like me, she didn’t exactly struggle with others to join a bus. She seemed too classy to struggle along with others. I wanted to go talk to her, but was unsure of what to say. I didn’t want to be embarrassed, yet I was not willing to take my attention off her.

Whilst arguing with myself on what to do, a car pulled over beside her and the driver beckoned her to come in. She smiled and entered. I rushed after the car and asked the driver to let me in. “We are together” I lied, to the lady’s amazement.

“Is that true?” the driver asked her.

She smiled and said yes.

My destination was Lekki, and the driver carried us from Gbagada.  When we arrived Obalende, the lady motioned to the driver that she wanted to come down, and so I did same. I had to pinch myself to confirm I was not dreaming and to be sure I still had my sanity. I had a job to resume to by 7:30am, and it was already 7:15am. I had little time, yet I chose to pursue a beautiful stranger. But my heart urged me on.

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“Why did you do that?” she queried when we both alighted.

“Actually, I would wanted to know you and become your friend” I replied, and looked very serious.

“Are you for real” she asked, looking bewildered.

She thought I was a kidnapper and was on an evil mission. That impression lasted a while but I didn’t give up on my ultimate desire to be with her.

To cut the long story short, it took me almost Three months to make this lady my friend. But the good news is that  after doing the unthinkable to find love, we got married last year.

That was how I met my wife.

Thank you GLOWVILLE for making me share this story.

– Adex. B



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