He was too direct, I couldn't resist him

He was sweet and too direct, I couldn’t resist him

It’s another time to share stories of how couples met and fell in love. Today’s episode is just as exciting as you would expect it to be, if not more. Although this story was told from the angle of a lady, there is an important lesson for guys in this one. It is important for guys to be direct about what they want from a lady. The directness of the groom in this story made it hard for the bride to resist him. Learn from this story please.

The ladies too have a lesson to learn from this one. If you find a mature MAN who knows what he wants, almost at first sight, there is no point trying to resist him. Give it a go, and you may be sharing a beautiful story like Adejoke.

Please read below:

My story begins from the particular day I was trying to enter into a banking hall. It turned out that one of the doors were not working and there was mammoth crowd waiting outside, all trying to go in. We had to queue and take turns to enter. The situation was not helped by those on the other side who were also trying to come out; it was a hellish time for me as I remained far behind on the queue under the scorching sun. If it was not important to use the bank, I would have turned back to return another day.

At a point, I didn’t know what really happened, but I innocently allowed many people to pass me to stay ahead of me on the queue. I was perplexed, unsure of what to do to fight those who had unfairly gone ahead of me. Suddenly, a dark, handsome, average height guy appeared in front of me. For a moment, he looked like he was going to do the same thing others had done, but to my surprise, he stopped everyone passing and made sure I was no longer cheated till it was my turn to enter into the bank. I was really happy. I thanked him and left.

I did my transaction and came out of the bank. I stopped for a moment to call my Sister, who was the reason I went to the bank, to confirm if she had received a credit alert. While this was going on, I noticed a someone running behind me, sweating profusely. I immediately recognised him as the guy who had earlier helped me; this time, I noticed his long hair combed to the back and his shining sideburns. He was really handsome looking.

I thanked him for his help the other time and we talked more. I got to know he is a music artiste.

He was very direct. I had not seen such guy before. “I would like to have your number” He said. “…And if you don’t mind, I can show you my house not too far from here…I don’t want to lose you” He submitted finally. I was stupefied by such bravery!

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As an SSCE holder; fresh out of Secondary School, I was curious and eager to have a boyfriend like most of my mates. I tried very hard to hide my excitement, but I still went ahead to give him my number (I didn’t want to lose him too, lol). He promised to call me that same day as we departed for our different destinations.

Alas! He didn’t call.

I expected his call for two days but it didn’t come. On the third day, my phone finally rang (I hardly received any calls back then), I answered quickly and heard the strong and rich voice from the other end.

“Hello Dear, I am sorry I haven’t called since we last saw. I have been a little busy with my music…” and blah blah…

I jumped up in happiness and quickly called my girlfriends around (giggles) to listen to his voice. He sounded so nice on the phone. He had (still has) a sweet voice that can make hearts melt within seconds.

After the call, I became so happy throughout. Going about my chores with gusto. It was so glaring that my mum had to probe to find out what was the source of my heightened happiness.

We continued talking on phone, and he introduced me (back then) to midnight calling. We spoke every night till I got used to waiting for his calls.

I had an admirer back then who I didn’t fancy much. I had to cut off the little audience I had been giving him to focus on my new-found love.

We eventually started a relationship a few months after we met. We laughed, cried, agreed, disagreed, shared the good times and the bad times; and all through the thick and the thin, we remained together. After 7 years of our relationship, he proposed and I didn’t have a second thought about. Yet again, I couldn’t resist him. It was a YES for me and will always be, even in the next life.

That’s the story of how I found my man.


– Adejoke

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Originally posted on this blog on March 17, 2016. This is a repost.

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