I broke up because I thought my GF was a witch
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I broke up because I thought my GF was a witch

This story has already generated some level of controversy among my friends. But regardless of what people think, it’s important to remember that this is Africa, and we have heard worse things. This is why I decided to go ahead and publish the story. The question I would love you to answer after reading is: “Do you believe in witches?”

Read the story below. Please note that some little details have been edited for blogging purpose:

I saw the pop-up on your site which encouraged me to share my story. I have kept this to myself for a very long time, but since the whole thing with the lady, who is my ex, happened years ago, it’s fine if I come out with it now.

I met this lady when I was in Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro. She was very beautiful and every guy in my department wanted to have her. We dated and I really liked her because she was gentle and always wanted the best for me. My ‘rep’ was automatically upgraded among my peers and classmates because I was dating her, and I was having a good time being her boyfriend. But behind all the sweetness, there was something that constantly made me fear about her.

Whenever she slept, one of her eyes was always open. She was always conscious of everything that happened around her when she was asleep. If you ask her about things that happened while she was asleep, she will answer you in details like she was awake when the whole thing happened. According to her, it was a gift. I had to believe her, but my fears remained.

I also noticed that when she was to sleep at night, she preferred sleeping close to the wall. I woke up once, in the middle of the night, and noticed she had one of her legs hanging against the wall. I pulled down her leg to make her comfortable and went to the toilet to pee. By the time I returned, the leg was hanging again.

I noticed this continuously for a while and had to talk to her about it but she claimed she was unaware that her leg was hanging against the wall. She promised to put a stop to it and she did for a few weeks, but not long after, she was back to the habit. I couldn’t keep it any longer, I had to consult my friends.

I was told that it is witches who sleep with their legs hanging on the wall. It got me really scared and I had to visit my pastor to pray for me as I had already had sex with her a couple of times. I broke up with her a few days later, although I didn’t tell her the reason.

I haven’t seen her since we finished our HND, but I am fine and free.


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Paul. O

The story is incredulous, but that’s what the sender had to say about his break up story. We hereby pose the question to you; ‘Do you believe in witches?’


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  1. Very funny. I must be a witch too then as I hv a similar bad sleeping posture though without d consciousness when sleeping

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