my BF felt intimidated

I broke up because my BF felt intimidated by me

How does one explain a situation where a person feels intimidated by the success or giant strides of his partner? How best should one tackle such situation? Should this person have done better? Let’s read this story to learn and offer some insight.

I have had several other break ups after Gideon’s, but his was my first and my most baffling. I broke up because Gideon, as my BF felt intimidated by me!

Gideon and I were best friends, and arguably the brightest students in class. He was a lot more reserved than me, and it made me get the nod ahead of him to be the class rep while he served as my assistant.

I really can’t remember how we started our relationship, but I know we had one and it was cool. The issue I had with Gideon was that he always wanted to play second fiddle to me. He was always willing to let me take the lead in everything. At first, I thought he was being gentlemanly, but I later realized it had to do with his self confidence.

Fact is that I joined a lot of organizations on campus, and was active on many fronts. I soon became an influential figure around school and outside.

He started avoiding me, and whenever I eventually get to see him, he acted subdued, and would hardly say a word. I tried to discuss with him, but he would never open up. I knew something was wrong, and I was determined to get to the bottom of the issue, so I reached out to his friend and asked him to help find out what was wrong with Gideon.

I later found out that Gideon felt intimidated by me; my fame, my successes, my drive and spirit for more. He felt he couldn’t match up to me, and thought he could not handle a relationship with me. I was hurt and confused. I loved Gideon, but I couldn’t abandon my dreams just to accommodate him.

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my BF felt intimidated

We tried talking about it in order to reach a compromise but it couldn’t work out and we had to end it.

I have dated a few other guys, and we broke up for different reasons, but Gideon’s episode remains my most baffling. He is a good man and if there is a chance to go back to him, I will take it. I’m sure he would be better placed by now, and my successes can’t get him intimidated anymore.


Grace O.M

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