testing for HIV

I broke up because my BF was scared of testing for HIV

I am sharing this story with Glowville because I want other ladies out there to learn and take heed. It is important to take certain steps before taking your relationship to the next level with your partner. Some of the important things that should be done is to go testing for HIV, genotype, and other stuff that would be pivotal to how both of you spend the rest of your lives together. My knowledge of this saved me a lot of untold agony with my ex. Learn from my story.

As at the time this story particularly began, Dimeji and I had been dating for more than two years. Although it was a long-distance relationship (I was living and working in Ondo, and he was in Lagos) but we always found time to meet at least once in two months. 

We both got tired of the distance and decided to take the necessary steps to live together, and then we began making plans towards courting proper and wedding. I had to use my leave to sort things out with him and we were able to put a few things together within a short time. 

Dimeji was ready to propose, but I asked him to hold on till we have conducted two important tests and are sure we can have a future together really; the genotype test and HIV test.

He wasn’t averse to taking the genotype test, but he avoided the HIV test by all means. He stalled on it till I got frustrated because time was running out, and I would have to return to Ondo for work. Somehow, I managed to drag him to the clinic, but he turned down the test at the last minute. 

Even when I threatened to break up if he didn’t take the test, he was unmoved. 

testing for HIV

I still can not fathom why Dimeji didn’t want the test. I cannot conclude that he has HIV, but I could not go on with the relationship. Testing for HIV is very essential for me.

I just want everyone to make it compulsory to get tested before signing a life contract with your partners. I am 

– Bimbo. G

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