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I am not an upcoming artiste – Ogasax

Talented classic highlife artiste and instrumentalist, Oga Sax speaks with Temmy of Gosporella FM on his music career, his experiences with veterans in the industry, and his newly released singles. Read on.


Please tell us about yourself and your music background

My name is Olugbenga Joseph, Adewale. I started my music career from church in Sunday school . I was a child that loved to stay close to a drum called Agbamole, I started playing Agbamole gradually. The love of music came into me the day I saw my elder brother playing drum in a group called Angelist. That was what prompted my eagerness and brought out the passion for music in me. I told my dad that I will love to be part of the group then, his response was, it will be better I join brigade group because every one in the family can’t be in same group. He registered me to brigade group called LADS and LASSES. Later I started playing sneer drum, tenor drum and base drum then trumpet and Saxophone came in. That was how I started Music.


What is your stage name and what kind of music/songs do you do?

My stage name is Olugbenga Adewale a.k.a Ogasax. I do Gospel, High life, Afro and Secular music.

Are you signed to any record label or still operating as an independent singer?

I just got signed to a new record label named KTL Capital Point Entertainment. It is owned by a great man Adeniji Kehinde (Tinted Atlas)

As an instrumentalist that belongs to a band/group, why are you going solo? 

That has been my dream and God has given me great composition. I used to play with some bands and group but I think it’s time for me to get into music proper with my own song, and with the encouragement and support of my boss Adeniji Kehinde, we decided to work together and release a good song.

Is this an indication that you are breaking free from your band?

Currently, I am not with any band, the last band I played with was Victor Olaiya’s band but I am no longer with them. I traveled out of the country and recently returned to do my own song.

What was your role in Victor Olaiya’s band and what kind of instrument(s) did you play?

I was a trumpeter in the band but I also play saxophone

What is the style of your music?

My songs will be described as an appreciation song to God and motivational song.

You have released two singles; a gospel track and a love track. What message are you trying to convey to the general public?

Well, “Iwo ni mo fe” is a way of appreciating God because He has done a lot for me as a person so the track is just a way of showing gratitude.. And the other track “Ololufe mi” is a song that expresses love/affection for the opposite sex. God willing, as an artist I will always use my talent to appreciate God.

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Do you write your songs by yourself? And what inspires your writing (if you do)?

I write my songs by myself , I will say the inspiration comes from God.

Who are your music idols?  

Victor olaiya, Ayo solanke, Olododo, Akinlabi, Mike Aremu, Kirk Whalum, Jery Omole, Taye Clegg to mention but a few.

Is it okay to regard you as an upcoming artiste?

I will not describe myself as upcoming artist because I have worked professionally home and abroad. I recently performed alongside Lagbaja at the Glo CAF award at Eko Hotel. I also performed at the just concluded Legendary show that will be on air soon. I have also worked with Victor Olaiya, and Akins band in Eko hotel. I’ve also played in other countries like Tunisa, Egypt, Cote devoire, Ghana, South Africa and so on.

Prior to your newly released singles, have you recorded any songs?

Yes, I have recorded with other artist and some band but this is my own first job under KTL Capital Point Entertainment.

What are your long-term musical career goals?

I want to take music to a new dimension with more passionate messages that will benefit the people and make impact in their lives.


When are you launching your first album?

I am working on releasing my album soon but I am currently working on a video shoot for my hit track “Ololufe mi” which should be out soon. I am also very busy in the studio as I have other songs I am currently working on.

What advice do you have for upcoming artistes and other talented band groups?

Firstly, I will say nothing good comes easy. The young and up coming should not relent, they should keep working and most importantly, they should be loyal, respectful, truthful and trustworthy. These are the values that can take them to any level of greater heights in life.

Download IWO NI MO FE by Oga Sax


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