how to say I WANT SEX

5 ways she is probably saying “I want sex” without speaking any word!

A lot of guys would agree with me that ladies can be very complicated, and most of all, at times when they want something as explicit as Sex. Many ladies still have issues expressly communicating that they want sex from a guy, just because they think only “hoes” do that. Pfft!! You’d often find ladies pulling all kinds of weird and funny stunt to communicate their desire for sex. Some of them are cool, others…just cheesy! But hey, permit me to tutor you a lil bit on how to say I WANT SEX without having to go all verbal about it.

First things first, I need to state that CONSENT is key when it comes to sex. As much as this post is written from a lighthearted position, I still consider sex a very serious issue, and one which requires consent from both sides. So, ladies and gents, it’s always good to make sure you are asking the right questions and saying the right words, regardless of all the ‘unsaid’ words that may mean or not mean that the other person wants sex. It’s fine to assume, but confirm that your assumption is valid before proceeding to next steps.

Now that we are clear, let’s get back to the business of how to say I WANT SEX without opening your mouth ho-ha to a guy. lol.

Back in secondary school, there was this girl in my class who had killer cat eyes a lot of guys would die for.  Till date, I still struggle to understand the combination of elements that make up her eyes which always leaves every guy smitten, like E. V. E. R. Y guy! That kind of girl need not say I WANT SEX, her eyes and the way she looks at guys, always seem like she’s calling them over to herself. I once accused her openly of being a mermaid. lol. We are over that now though.

A lot of girls envy her kind of eyes, without understanding the unnecessary burden that comes with it. If you are one of such girls, then this article is for you. If you are also always confused on how to initiate sex with your partner without words, then my article can help you.

Guys can also follow this, and learn how ladies tell their man they want sex without saying it verbally.

Showing a little skin.

Image result for lady showing off skin

You know your bae, once she unusually shows off some skin when you both are alone for whatever reason, she just might be telling you something. Pay attention, and don’t leave her doing too much before catching the code. It’s not cool to leave a woman waiting. Lol.


Coffee at night may just be a sign.

Image result for coffee date

She unusually invites you to her house at night, especially when she’s home alone. This may tell you two things; that she’s comfortable enough to let you into her private space and that she may probably want something more. But hey, this doesn’t outrightly mean she is horny, you’d have to wait for a combination of other signs, help her and your assumptions by ASKING…remember sex is important, but CONSENT is importanter! Thank you!

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Unusual excitement or irritation.

Image result for excited girlfriend

This one may be hard to read but if you notice your lady is just laughing at every joke; like you know that laugh that seem to involve the whole body, she just might be saying something. Other times, she’s just irritated at some things you do and definitely not when you touch her. It might just be prodding you to make a move… but then, read the caveat in the other point. Always help out by ASKING, don’t assume you are 100%.


Asking for some fashion help.

Image result for girl struggling with zipper

Ladies are fully aware how much guys could be swayed by what they see, so it’s not always out of place if she suddenly starts asking you to help pull the zipper, apply some gel or cream, or simply helping out with some fashion item. She may just be saying something through the mirror, and you have to apply your sixth sense to find out.


The old “Lip Smacking” trick.

Image result for licking lips

A lot of guys get the ‘I want you’ message by a simple act of biting the lips. How this gets to them is a mystery, but a simple smack of the lips usually does the tricks. To a large extent, this old trick is still the quickest and safest. You don’t need anything else to scream “I WANT IT!” without disturbing the neighbours. lol.


So guys, you may form strong man but women know how to have their way.

Remember my girlfriend from secondary school. she once said “Women are Powerful!”

Well, we are!

Ladies, what are your thoughts on this article? You know how to say I WANT SEX in some other creative ways? Please share with us. Thank you.


As written by Dammy Rachel for Glowville 

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  1. Thanks for tips Glowvile. Although, have experienced some of them, it was strange to me and I couldn’t understand.

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