how to say I love you

This is how to say I LOVE YOU in 31 languages

Sometimes you are inspired to break from the norm and express yourself in a different way, especially when it concerns the one you love. You just might want to learn how to say I LOVE YOU in a different language that your partner isn’t used to hearing you say.

I have dug deep for you and this is my token of love to you. Feel free to use any of these languages to tell that special someone how much you love them. This is our special edition of how to say I LOVE YOU in as many as 31 languages. I have made at least five choices out of them already. Each new month with a new surprise, and guess what? The first one is already working wonders; my partner is absolutely gushing about it!

You want to add more languages to this? It’s a free world!



Let’s play a quick game. Close your eyes and tell me you love me in a language other than English, French and Spanish. Leggo!!!


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